Indie Chefs Week

We are proud to partner with Foreign & Domestic to bring you the first annual Indie Chefs Week, January 9 – 12, 2013, in Austin, Texas.

This 4 night event gives up-and-coming chefs from across the country the chance to strut their stuff. Eight-course dinners will be served the first three nights, and the final night will feature a 21-course meal along with the chance to mingle with all the chefs before dining.

Featured chefs: David Barzelay, Edwin Bloodworth, Shawn Cirkiel, Mat Clouser, David Diaz, Todd Duplechan, Jodi and Ned Elliott, Anthony Fusco, Monica Glenn, Gregory Gourdet, Adam Kaplan, Nathan Lemley, Scott Malloy, Gary Menes, Tamer Riad, Randy Rucker, Plinio Sandalio, Rosie Shipman, Jeffrey Stoneberger, Ben Sukle, Craig Thornton, Nicholas Wilkins and Andrew Wiseheart.

We want to get people talking about what these indie chefs are doing out there in the food world, and we want to bring their food and ideas to Austin. We hope that Indie Chefs Week will spread out across the country, bringing together dedicated chefs to cook, collaborate, and inspire.

Need tickets? Buy them here.

Read more about the event and some of the featured chefs: Indie Chefs Week Brings Under-the-radar Chefs to Austin for Week of Collaborative Dinners [Austin American Statesman]


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