January 20

Trendwatch – 5 Wines for Spring


While it still may be the depths of January, it’s time to start thinking about spring! Soon enough the rain and snow will give way to warm breezes, requests for patio seating and refreshing warm weather wines. In an effort to keep you ahead of the game here’s a quick rundown of some of the wines worth searching out – you can thank us when your guests are happily sipping in the sunshine.

Sigalas Assyrtiko Santorini 2015

I won’t lie to you, this bottle is expensive, hard to pronounce and none of your guests have heard of it. Despite all those minor issues, it’s also delicious and food friendly. It has notes of citrus and minerality with a bracing acidity. Pair this with just about any seafood, but especially squid or scallops.

Importer: Michael Skurnik

Benito Santos Albarino Rias Baixas 2015

Albarino is “sunshine in a bottle.” While I have no idea who actually said that, it’s completely true. Albarino is lemony, refreshing and gives the slightest hint of the ocean breeze. This wine is much more approachable than the Sigalas, not to mention cheaper. Pair it with with seafood – but also goat cheese if you’re feeling fancy.

Importer: Numerous importers – check in with your local distributor

Berger Gruner Veltliner Kremstal 2014 (1L)

Everything about this wine makes it the perfect glass pour. First, it comes in a 1 liter bottle. It’s like getting 250ml for free. Second, it has what is known as a “Crown Cap” – just like a beer bottle! It even makes a satisfying kiss noise when you open it. The wine itself is simple, with hints of green apple and a touch of grassiness. It’s what cheap white wine is supposed to be – dry and gulpable.

Importer: Terry Theise (No Website! C’mon Terry it’s like 2016 already!)

Ameztoi Rubentis Txakolina 2015

Real men drink rosé. Realer men drink rosé from Spain’s Basque region. The Ameztoi is slightly fizzy, slightly floral, with a touch of orange peel and red berries all framed by a refreshing acidity. This wine will make you wonder why you’ve wasted so much time drinking anything else. This wine should automatically entitle anyone who orders one to a second bottle and an Uber home. This wine is all you need to hand to a guest looking for something new and different – and now you have a regular for life.

Importer: De Maison Selections

Arianna Occhipinti SP68 Rosso 2013

If you’re not in love with Arianna Occhipinti it’s only for the simple fact you’ve not met Arianna Occhipinti. The next best thing to being in love with Arrianna Occhipinti is drinking her wines, of which the SP68 Rosso is a great example. She sources from her family’s Sicilian vineyards, making clean wines that are pure, bright and unforgettable. Pair with herb roasted meats, cured meats and olives. Best when drunk while wistfully whispering “Arianna” over and over.

Importer: Louis/Dressner




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