And The Winner Is…


Our #dontchopbelieving Instagram contest ended strongly yesterday evening with a few entries sneaking in just before midnight. We had over 200 chefs from all around the world submit photos of their knife kits and they thoroughly blew us away. From the hobbyist, to the executive chef, to bakers, collectors, and food artists of all kinds, we were so excited at the photographs that were shared. Throughout the contest we chose chefs whose showmanship we particularly liked to receive a Poached Jobs swag box; but at the end of the day there could only be one winner of the Chubo Kazan 8” Chef Knife. So, without further ado, I announce your #dontchopbelieving winners:

Our 2nd Runner Up and winner of the ‘Any Way You Want It’ Award: @girl_eats_all

Our 1st Runner Up and winner of the ‘Faithfully’ Award: @conroy_matt

Our 1st Place ‘Don’t Chop Believing’ Award & Winner of the Chef Knife: @earlthepearl4

Congratulations to our winners and a huge thanks to Chubo Knives (@chuboknives) for their contribution.

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