The 5 worst gifts for restaurant workers

For Your Chef
Since chefs love food and chefs love tattoos, what’s better than an industry themed tattoo? And what would best go with their collection of farm to table themed tattoos than a Food Services of America tatt? The options are nearly limitless: A Semi-Truck, a #10 Can, Latex gloves – each with an American Traditional styled Food Services of America banner.

For Your General Manager
GMs aren’t known for their emotional range: they operate on a spectrum of bemused annoyance to enraged annoyance. Since carefully compartmentalized feelings of anger and despair can start to weigh heavy on their quickly aging faces, we recommend the PAO Facial Exerciser. Trust us, they’ll use it daily:

For Your Owner
A restaurant owner can never get enough of their own restaurant, right? Then why not get them a gift certificate… to their own restaurant! Imagine their joy as they get to sit down on a busy night and enjoy the fruit of their own labor. The highlights will include them noticing how dirty the floorboards are, the baked-on lipstick stuck to their water glass and the guy on table 10a who thought it’d be appropriate to wear socks in sandals to a fine dining restaurant.

For Your Servers
“Merry Christmas! I noticed how much everyone fights over the Pandora stations so I deleted them all!”

Enough said.

For Your Bartender
A big bottle of Apple Pucker will put a smile on their face. Now when they’re asked for an Apple-Tini they won’t have to go through the whole “this is a pre-prohibition cocktail menu” speech and get down to making shots! Imagine their relief!

So Merry Christmas! And Good Luck!

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