January 12

Why You Should Date a Restaurant Worker


Many of you in the industry are likely dating someone who doesn’t work in a restaurant or a bar. This article is meant for them, as a handy guide for your care and feeding. If you’re dating someone who lives the office-life, forward this along – hopefully it’ll help smooth any rough edges off your relationship.
Dating is never easy, and working in restaurants is a force multiplier for relationship drama. Schedules are skewed, social circles are stretched and expectations often sit on the opposite sides of ever-widening deltas. But despite all the troubles (or maybe because of them) there’s nothing better than dating someone who works in the restaurant industry. Here are just a few of the perks:

You’ll eat better.
It’s pretty obvious restaurant workers know all about food. Both FOH and BOH have built careers on knowing about the best fried chicken wings, wines, ice cream and etc. They’ll know which stall at the farmer’s market to buy strawberries at. They’ll know the best bar to get burgers at 1am.

You’ll drink better.
Be it cocktails, beer, or wine, your partner will again be in the know. And if they suggest something weird, be GGG and just trust them. Everyone’s a little uncomfortable when they first try Fernet, but it’s worth it. After a while you might even find you like it.

They have cool friends.
When you’re with someone in the industry, you get points for merely being “industry-adjacent.” Their friends will treat you like one of their own. If they get a round of Fireball and Rumplemintz shots, they’ll include you just like you worked a shift.

You’ll listen to better music.
Industry workers are just more plugged in – it’s just a fact. You’ll start with listening to Drake and soon enough you’ll be on to Jamila Woods, Angel Olsen and James Blake. If you get invited to the busser’s DJ night, you need to go: don’t question it.

You’ll be a better customer.
Nothing makes you a better person than being better to other people. Start dating someone from the Industry and you’ll tip better, ask better, more informed questions about food and drink, and just generally be humbler when you go out to eat and drink. This has the follow-on effect you’ll quickly notice: you’ll get better service.

So if you’re considering dating that awesome person you met through friends or at some otherwise boring work party, and you learn they’re a server or a cook – go for it. You’ll thank yourself later.


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