January 30

Partner Spotlight: Chef Works


The restaurant industry runs on partnerships. From local farmers to national distributors, a successful restaurant works with other companies with the goal of creating a unique experience for its guests. One often overlooked element of the modern restaurant kitchen is the uniforms – the pants, coats and aprons worn with pride by chefs. A company that has worked hard to become a leading innovator in the culinary industry – Chef Works – is a world-renowned manufacturer of apparel and accessories for the culinary and hospitality industry.

Founded in 1996, Chef Works created a back of house brand that elevated the chef with a compliment of garments that matched the drive and passion that a chef displays in the kitchen. Their first products were a few coats, pants, aprons and beanies, but over time Chef Works has expanded to provide nearly every garment a culinary and hospitality professional could ever need.

Their idea was to stand out from other uniform providers by viewing chefs like professional athletes. Just as athletes need specialized cuts, lightweight fabrics that breathe, and designs that are both functional and attractive, culinary professionals required more than the starched linen jackets that had become the industry standard. Chef Works has developed custom fabrics – they were the first to come out with lightweight fabric that performs just as well as the traditional fabrics used in culinary apparel. Their Cool Vent© fabric wicks away moisture much like athletic fabrics do – supporting evaporation and keeping chefs cool and comfortable.

Just as a restaurant needs to constantly evolve to remain relevant, Chef Works also took another step forward with releasing their Urban Collection. They introduced denim aprons, denim cook shirts, bold patterns, and bright colors into a uniform marketplace that hadn’t gone beyond putting red pepper patterns on black cook pants. Chef Works knows that the culinary and hospitality industry wants to be as unique as their own offering. Being status quo is not the norm and proudly displaying their unique style has becomes an extension of their own brand.

Chef Works will release another innovative line at the 2017 NRA show in Chicago this May. While they wouldn’t give any details, they’re clearly excited to continue developing the once-staid restaurant uniform into something both functional and fashionable. So if you or your restaurant is looking for the top of the line in gear, check out our friends over at Chefworks.com.


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