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Your Next Job is a 10th of a Second Away

Introducing the Poached ATS

You may have noticed some changes to Poached – over the last few weeks we’ve been rolling out a new front page. More importantly, we’ve launched a whole new search feature that delivers results faster than an ignition spark on a gas cooktop – literally.

Up until now, users had to navigate from the front page by picking a city and then looking through the various categories. But now we do most of that work for you. When you come to Poached, we’ll automatically display the jobs closest to you. If you want to narrow your search down to a specific category like Bar, Kitchen or Floor, click on the appropriate icon. Looking for something even more specific? Just search for it by name.

We’ve put a lot of work in to speeding up the search results. If you have a good connection we’re returning results within a 10th of a second. How long is that, exactly? Here is a short list of things that take longer 10th of a second:

The blink of a human eye

A Ferrari FXX’s gear change

The time taken by light to travel around the Earth’s equator

The time in which the fastest baseball pitches reach the strike zone

The time it takes the human brain to recognize that your chef is going to yell about table 10a wanting to substitute the chickpea-based- “mayonnaise” they brought themselves for the house-made aioli

Combined with our new application process, our search feature makes applying to a job quick and painless. If you’re a new user, you can find a job in seconds, apply to it with uploaded resume (or build one on Poached) and you’re all set. The next application will only take two clicks – we’ll automatically skip you to the end of the process. You don’t have to worry about creating profiles, networking or anything but how to prep for your upcoming interviews.

We’re excited about the new face of Poached – we launched the website with the desire to make hiring and getting hired less of a “life-sucking proposition,” as founder and CEO Kirk Thornby put it. The new layout and search feature go a long way towards achieving that goal. Even if you’re not job-hunting, take a test-drive – it’s a whole new way to find your next gig.

Poached Jobs

Poached Jobs believes that hiring and being hired in the food and drink industry doesn’t have to be a life-sucking proposition. We are devoted to making the process faster, easier and more thorough, so you can do it really well and less often.

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