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NYC Culinary Scholarship

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NYC Culinary Scholarship

We launched the Poached NYC Culinary Scholarship because we believe good cooks are the core of any good restaurant. Good cooks, however, are becoming harder to find as they become more in demand. With the need for cooks and chefs at an all-time high, Poached is working to bring a new generation to the kitchen. The Poached Culinary Scholarship is one way we encourage new talent to enter the restaurant industry.

After reviewing dozens of more than worthy applications in New York City, we decided that Bailyn Brink showed the vision and determination we were looking for. She learned to cook from her father, who “taught me the three crucial lessons in my life: the love of food; the respect of what we do to obtain it; and how it can bring two people together in a way nothing else can.” She entered The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, to help her live those lessons to their fullest.

Those lessons also inform her respect for her ingredients. “I grew up hunting,” she writes.“learning that all life deserves respect and to never waste what God had given to us, no matter how small. This drove my passion for cooking and giving to others through it. My subtle obsession with sustainable cooking, gathering and farm-to-table lifestyles all sprout from these initial lessons.”

Brink is driven by a larger vision to bring together environmentalism and our food system. “For the production of food, humans tear down more and more habitat, pollute more and more water ecosystems. The runoff from our fields and cattle cause eutrophication of hundreds of wetland environments. We cannot continue along this path if we ever want to give a home to our children, to the next generation.” She sees a better way forward through thoughtful living, sustainable cooking and political engagement.

“I want to make sure that not only do we have enough diversity to give a healthy Earth to our kids but that they have enough food to go around,” she continues. “My path is leading me into the study, practice, and writing of food law. My dream is to work with legislative bodies, governments, and international agencies to assure these two things.”

It is that kind of vision and engagement that will motivate cooks, chefs and restaurant owners to continue to make the food and drink industry a dynamic economic force in the United States. We look forward to seeing Brink build her career and the changes she’ll bring, not only to the restaurant industry, but to the environment and the people she cares for.

Are you a culinary student, professor, or just interested in hearing more? Contact us at scholarship@poachedjobs.com for additional information!

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