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Introducing the Poached ATS

Introducing the Poached ATS

You may have noticed some changes to Poached. 6 months ago, we updated the front page and the search interface to improve the job hunting experience. Now we’re making changes to the BackOffice as well.

We wanted to make viewing resumes easier than before – making it more likely yours will get the attention it deserves. With Craigslist, your resume is just another attachment, with some other sites you’re forced into making yet another profile (as if maintaining your snapfacetindergram isn’t already enough work). With Poached you can use the resume you already have – making finding and applying to your next job a snap.

The first change is the name “BackOffice.” After a lot of discussion with employers we’ve decided to call it what it is – an Applicant Tracking System or ATS. While not a big fan of corporate initialisms, we thought it was important enough to make the change. With the Poached ATS, we make keeping track of potential candidates quick and easy. This means when you apply on Poached, your resume isn’t lost down some black hole – it gets seen.

Using the Poached ATS, an employer can quickly scan through a list of candidates and view their resumes, making notes and ratings. They can easily share resumes with their managers, as well as print them out, straight from the system. If an employer has a membership account, they can even schedule interviews directly from Poached.

The result is less time organizing resumes and more time interviewing candidates. And that means your job hunt just got a little bit easier.

Here are a few highlights of the new Poached ATS:

Job Cards – Taking a hint from the success of our search pages, we created an intuitive card design for the jobs. When an employer posts a job, they can quickly scan it to see all their candidates.

Improved Resume Viewer – a resume is only good if it gets seen, so we’ve improved our resume viewer. Employers can view, print and download your resume – or even share it with other managers as they decide who to interview.

Request Interviews – Employers can schedule an interview with you directly from the Resume Viewer. Since 90% of life is showing up, we decided to increase the odds of getting you face to face with your next potential opportunity.

Finding your next job doesn’t need to be stressful – and with the Poached ATS you can have some certainty that your resumes went where they were supposed to go.

Jack Hott

Jack Hott has more than 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. Along the way he’s flipped burgers, tossed pizzas and spilled a lot of wine on white table cloths.

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