January 30

9 Signs The New Server Might Not Work Out

Restaurant hiring is hard.

If you’ve done any restaurant hiring, you know that some new people instantly gel, fitting right in with the rest of the staff like they’ve always been there. Others… not so much. And while managers and owners work hard to make the right hire every time, occasionally someone slips through the cracks.

Here are the top 9 signs a new server might not work out:

  1. Asks if they can have a “vape-break.”
Corrects Chef’s pronunciation of “à la minute.”
Mispronounces “à la minute.”
Claims their favorite restaurant is in a shed outside of London and says “it’s pretty authentic, too – you might not like it.”
Asks the bartender if the Scotch is local.
Only wants to work the patio so they can “catch them all.”
Thinks “orecchiette” means “little nipples.”
  8. Shouts “in front of you!” when walking through the pass.
  9. Immediately starts deleting Pandora stations and creating new ones.

About the author

Jack Hott

Some say Jack Hott was born in a restaurant. Others say he wasn’t born at all but discovered behind a Hobart stand mixer. Wherever he comes from, he’s made a career out of only being a good enough employee to skate by in the restaurant industry since the mid-90s. Jack Hott, if that’s even his real name, has gotten lost in walk-ins, stared into the abyss of pizza ovens, spilled red wine on white linen tablecloths, and shaken cocktails he was supposed to stir. If you can find him on social media, for your own safety, please do not follow him.


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