May 31

Meet the New Poached Navigation

The new Poached navigation design makes it quicker and easier to find your next restaurant job.

With more and more industry professionals using to look for their next job, we’ve seen an explosion of mobile traffic on our site. The Poached Team was eager to refine how both job seekers and job posters interact with the site – with a focus on mobile devices. After a lot of conversations with our users, hours of pouring over design options, and maybe a little spilled whiskey, we’re proud to introduce the new Poached navigation.

Mobile Matters – a lot

Over 66% of site visits to Poached come from a mobile device ­– and growing. Our goal for the new navigation was to meet the needs of our users with mobile devices, as well as desktop. After talking to users, we heard from many of you that you didn’t want to download yet another app – you wanted to find new jobs. So, we skipped building an app and we revamped the site to work seamlessly with mobile and desktop browsers. The result is a site navigation that is easy to use and able to meet the needs of today’s restaurant industry workforce.

A new way to search

Our first step was to make our search interface cleaner and clearer. Looking for a job by category, keyword and location should be straightforward, especially from a small screen. We arranged our category icons above the search fields to make it easy to filter searches. On Mobile, we put the categories on a horizontal scroll (introducing Poached stories!) so users can quickly select the category they’re interested in.

The search fields below the categories are for keyword and location. A user looking for a kitchen job can simply type in “cooks” to see jobs for cooks and other related positions. Using browser settings, we’re able to fill in a user’s location automatically. If the user doesn’t allow for location services, they can fill in their location themselves.

Built for browsing

A cornerstone of the Poached design is the job tiles. Job tiles are colored by category, making it easy to quickly scan the pages for the right jobs. Job tiles are designed to scroll, never requiring the user to pause as a new page loads. Browsing for jobs on mobile or desktop is easy – just scroll through the tiles and click on the ones you’re interested in.

Apply from mobile

We also worked to make applying for jobs easier with our mobile-friendly application flow. New users can create a resume using their mobile phone inside of Poached, or upload a resume from their iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. Once you’ve applied to a job, applying to your next job only takes two quick clicks. We rolled out our new application flow a few months ago, and the results have been dramatic, with a 187% percent increase in applications from mobile devices.

Poached is already the #1 choice for job seekers (and employers) looking for the latest opportunities in the food and drink industry. With our site updates, we’re looking forward to keeping restaurants fully staffed and restaurant staffs happy! Check out our new navigation today!

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