April 9

Ask a Yelper: Need Advice? Ask Someone Who Knows Everything!

Got a problem? We have the answer! Meet Becky R. As a member of the Yelper Elite, no one knows restaurants better than Becky R. No one. Not even the people who work in restaurants! Take it away Becky.

Dear Becky R.,
I’m always covering shifts for my co-worker Lisa. It seems like every week I get stuck clopening because she wants to go see her boyfriend DJ at the goth bar or she’s ‘not feeling 100%’. But when I needed to visit my grandmother at the nursing home she said she couldn’t take my shift because it was her dog’s birthday party. What can I do to stop picking up her slack?

Sick of Lisa’s Otterhound

Dear SOLO,
Sounds like Lisa needs to realize her actions affect others in ways she doesn’t realize. What I would do is take away one star for being irresponsible and another two stars just because my wifi is spotty as I try to write this. That’ll teach her how important it is to respect the needs of those around her. Hope that helps!

Dear Becky R.,
I have a total crushtomer situation going on. This guy shows up at the bar a few times a month and reads his book while having a meal. He’s so sweet and smart and orders all the right things and I can’t help but smile whenever he comes in. How do I get his number without it being awkward?

Stuck Thinking About Nuptials

Dear STAN,
I talked to my children about your problem. Many singles apparently “squeeze into their DMs.” I have no idea what that means, but apparently it involves Instagram. Find his Instagram account and take a poorly lit, out of focus picture of yourself and send it to him with a message. Make sure to include a typo. Good luck!

Dear Becky R.,
My best line cook is amazing in every way but one: he’s always late! No matter what shift I schedule him for, he’s always 10 minutes behind. It didn’t seem like a big deal at first, but now the other kitchen staff started coming in late, too. How do I tell him to show up on time?

Scheduling Conflicts Rule Everything Around Me

You should sit down with your employee and explain why it’s so important to show up for work on time. Let him know that when he’s late, it can push everyone’s schedule back. 10 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but since everything in a kitchen depends on a dependable team, those 10 minutes can make or break a shift. Once he realizes how important it is to be on time, I bet he’ll shape up. It’s not like being late for a reservation for 12 at 7pm on a Friday night after all!


Thanks Becky R. If you have a question, maybe you need to ask a Yelper! Write us at blog@poachedjobs.com and maybe Becky R. will help you solve your restaurant problem. After all, as a Yelper, Becky R. knows everything about restaurants!


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