May 21

No More Missed Messages: Introducing Text Notifications


When you’re trying to land that perfect job, something as simple as a missed message can set you back.

Imagine you found the perfect job on Poached. It’s a cool restaurant with an influential chef – it’s one of those jobs you know you can turn into an opportunity to develop your skills and grow your network. With hope in your heart you apply and the usual waiting game begins. You work your shift at your current job, thinking about how you’re just not learning anything anymore. Days go by… and nothing.

Then you check your freaking email – and there it is: a day old interview request. By the time you even saw it, they’d probably sent 10 more to cooks just as eager as you.

While work is easy to find, good jobs can still be elusive. If you want to land that dream position, working on one of the best lines in the city, you need to get that interview scheduled as quickly as possible. That’s why Poached Jobs is now offering text notifications and messaging.

It’s easy to set up your account to receive text notifications. If you’re new to Poached (Hey! Welcome!) you can set your notifications preference while applying to a job. If you already have an account, go to the Communications Preferences panel in our navigation and pick either text or email. That’s it, you’re all done.

The next time an employer sees your application and wants to have you come in for an interview they’ll send you a message straight from Poached. You’ll then receive a notification by either text or email, whichever you prefer. The result? No more missed messages. When a dream job comes your way, you’ll be able to schedule the interview with just a couple clicks on your phone.

When you’ve agreed on an interview time, we’ll also send you reminders and a confirmation messages. If for some reason you can’t make it to the interview – no problem. You can let the employer know – again, with just a couple clicks on your phone.

We’re excited to bring employers and industry professionals together. With our mobile friendly, jobs-first approach to getting hired, we’re here to help you build your hospitality career.


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About the author