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Win a premium Barware Roll-up from Cocktail Kingdom


Calling all Bartenders! Poached Jobs and Cocktail Kingdom are partnering up for a giveaway of their Barware Roll-Up Kit.

We can admit it: we like quality restaurant stuff. We have opinions on everything from shoes to wine keys to knives to glassware. When we discovered Cocktail Kingdom, well… we got excited. That’s why we’re giving away their exclusive Barware Roll-Up Kit.


Cocktail Kingdom manufactures and distributes tools for professional bartenders. They design their products to be practical and elegant, yet durable enough for daily use. The Barware Roll-Up Kit is a great example of what they do. Made of high quality canvas, this roll-up contains everything a professional needs:

  • Japanese Style Jigger 1oz/2oz (30ml/60ml), Stainless Steel
  • Hoffman® Barspoon, 33.5cm, Stainless Steel
  • Koriko® Hawthorne Strainer, Stainless Steel
  • 25cm Garnish Tongs
  • Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler
  • Channel Knife

Interested? Go to Facebook and comment the name of the bar you work at and tag two fellow bartenders!

Want to learn more about the prize and what it comes with? Click here.

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