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COVID-19 Survey for Restaurant Workers

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The hospitality industry and everyone involved within it has been hit hard by this global pandemic. We at Poached want to hear from you.

Restaurant workers’ livelihoods were impacted immediately back in March, when restaurants all over the nation were forced to lay off or furlough their employees. By April, nearly 40 million Americans had to rely on unemployment benefits and a stimulus check to make rent. Now, almost four months later, we are all trying to walk the fine line of keeping ourselves and our staff healthy while reopening our doors safely to guests.

If you work or have worked in the restaurant industry, we want to hear from you. Whether you work on the floor or in the kitchen – please share with us your experience.

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Rebecca Gill

Rebecca Gill began her love affair with restaurants at the ripe age of 16. Her dedication and hard work has directed her towards the administrative side of operations, where she helped train and educate team members. When not working, she enjoys cooking + eating, exploring and cuddling with her dog, Indiana.

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