May 20

Job Post Tip: Use the Boost Feature To Increase Your Job’s Exposure


Using the Job Boost feature can save you money and increase traffic to your job post.

When you’re posting your open jobs, consider not just the cost per post, but your overall hiring budget. While using multiple jobs boards may feel like the smart move — it can get expensive real fast.

You can save yourself a lot of time and money by using our Boost Feature instead. Purchasing a Job Boost gives us the ability to promote your position across multiple job boards and partner sites for a fraction of the cost of you posting to them directly. Think of it this way: instead of posting to ZipRecruiter, Craigslist, Indeed, and Craigslist again, you can post just once to Poached. Once you add a Boost, we take care of the rest. Boosting also temporarily pushes your job back to the top of the search list on Poached — giving it revived visibility on our site.

On top of the time and money savings, you get to keep track of all your applications on a single platform, increasing your productivity.

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Jack Hott

Some say Jack Hott was born in a restaurant. Others say he wasn’t born at all but discovered behind a Hobart stand mixer. Wherever he comes from, he’s made a career out of only being a good enough employee to skate by in the restaurant industry since the mid-90s. Jack Hott, if that’s even his real name, has gotten lost in walk-ins, stared into the abyss of pizza ovens, spilled red wine on white linen tablecloths, and shaken cocktails he was supposed to stir. If you can find him on social media, for your own safety, please do not follow him.


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