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Are you there job seekers? It’s me, Poached Jobs.


As the world re-opens, Poached is here for you when you’re ready to head back to work.

Life seems to be moving toward the tail end of the pandemic, and going back to work in food and drink establishments is becoming a safer and more viable option. Whether you’re already back at work or you’re just now considering the idea of returning — Poached is here to help you navigate the next steps of your job search.

Poached is run by industry professionals for industry professionals. Unlike other job boards that are out of touch with our industry, we understand the job-hunting needs of workers just like you. That’s why Poached set out to create a platform that allows hospitality professionals to easily connect with the restaurants and other food and drink establishments they want to work for.

At Poached, we’re focused on creating tools that help you find and apply to the restaurant jobs you’re most interested in. From machine learning job recommendations to our applicant tracking system and interview scheduling — all you need is a Poached account to keep your job search organized and streamlined.

By exclusively hosting jobs for the restaurant and hospitality industries, there are fewer irrelevant jobs that you need to wade through during your search — cutting down on the time it takes to get hired. And, because Poached caters to a niche industry, employers trust that applicants coming from Poached are more experienced and career-minded candidates — so you can trust your applications are being seen.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked on features to help you find quality work on your terms. From our On Demand shift jobs to a new app that’s about to drop — we continue to keep the nation’s food and drink workers in mind when creating features that help promote the aspects of the industry you love, like flexibility and exposure to new opportunities.

So just like before the pandemic, Poached is here for you, and we want you to succeed in landing that dream job. When you’re ready to re-enter the workforce, Poached is prepared to help you get hired. So let’s get through this next phase of the pandemic together.


Poached Jobs

Poached Jobs believes that hiring and being hired in the food and drink industry doesn’t have to be a life-sucking proposition. We are devoted to making the process faster, easier and more thorough, so you can do it really well and less often.

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