July 21

Interview Tip: Develop an Interview Process

Make the right hire by fine-tuning your interview process. Here are our tips for making that happen.

You likely know there are laws that protect applicants from being discriminated against in the hiring process. But if your managers aren’t aware of how some questions can touch topics like race, gender, age, sexual identity, and/or pregnancy of an applicant, they may be leaving you legally exposed. The general rule of thumb is to keep interviews to their main purpose: focusing only on the applicant’s skill level and qualifications as they relate to the job at hand. Creating an interview process that can be repeated over time and across hiring managers is a great way to ensure you’re asking the right questions in an interview and avoiding potential legal issues.

If it’s available to you, consulting an HR professional can be a great start to developing long-term interview processes for your company. Speaking with someone who knows the ins and outs of employment laws can shed light on situations you may not have been aware of before. Once you understand how to ensure fair hiring practices, you will have the necessary knowledge to standardize interview questions and create a form that you and your hiring managers can use while conducting interviews.

After creating an interview form, train your hiring managers on how to use it. It’s a smart idea to have your hiring managers fill out the form during or directly after the interview. Then, create a place to keep each form organized and easily accessible. Having a record of your interviews gives you something to evaluate over time and learn from to fine-tune your interview processes along the way. It’s also a good idea to always keep a record of your interviews, in the case of a lawsuit you will have documentation showing that you were compliant with employment laws.

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