September 14

Interview Tip: Use the BackOffice to Organize Your Candidates


Make the right hire by fine-tuning your interview process. Here are our tips for making that happen.

When you register a free account on Poached, you gain access to many free features built into the BackOffice to help you hire more efficiently. Some of our best features include our organizational tools that help you keep track of your applications — so you can hire quicker and get back to business as usual.

When looking at a list of applicants, try using our Sort feature to sort the list according to your preference. By default, we sort applicant lists by last activity, but you can change it up to sort by date applied, rating, the inclusion of a cover letter, or even by work experience. Sorting your applications allows you to organize your lists in a way that works for you and keeps all the applications you’re most interested in contacting right at the top of the list.

The Rating feature is another excellent way to organize your applications. Ratings are private and visible only to you or anyone you let use your account. Giving applications ratings is a great way to mark which resumes you are most impressed with. Once you have contacted a few applicants and set up some interviews, you can also use filters at the top of your screen to quickly view all the applications you have contacted, rated, or set up an interview with.

Getting to know the BackOffice organizational features is worth it in the long run! You’ll save time while setting up interviews, and the best part is they’re already free in your account and ready to use.

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