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Job post tip: include application instructions

application instructions

The best job posts bring in the best applicants – take it from us. Here are our tips on how to improve your posting on Poached.

One of the most significant pain points of staffing in the food and drink industry is the notorious no-call no-show interview. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for employers to receive multiple applications to their open jobs, only to struggle when getting candidates into the interview phase of the hiring process. Regardless of the hiring realities, you can develop tricks to identify serious candidates before setting up interviews — like adding application instructions to your job post.

Adding one or two instructions to the end of your job post is a great way to identify which prospects are reading the full job description and serious enough to complete whatever task you require. Some common application instructions are to request the inclusion of cover letters or references — I’ve seen some people go as far as instructing applicants to include a specific sentence or favorite color in their summary or cover letter.

While including application instructions won’t be enough to determine if someone is a good fit for the job, it can give you insight into how serious an applicant is and that they would likely take the rest of the hiring process seriously too! When you’re looking through your applicant lists, we allow you to sort by the inclusion of cover letters via filter, so it’s easy to organize candidates that took the time to apply with intent.

Ashley Lange

Ashley Lange likes to cook, loves to bake and is always day-dreaming of her next meal. Ashley has spent the last 10 years in various roles within the food industry and is currently a server in Portland, Oregon.

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