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A love letter to family meal

family meal

In whatever fashion you’re used to, the family meal is a special bonding moment between you, your coworkers, and of course, food.

Dear Family Meal,

This Thanksgiving, it’s you I’m thankful for. It was from the first day I met you; I knew this industry was for me. And to this day, you’re still the one perk that brings me joy every day.
Whether you’re yesterday’s soup or the same batch of curry we’ve been eating the entire week — you move me.

It’s in the moments I sit down with my coworkers, share stories, laugh —  that I see you shine. It’s the sense of community you create through the nourishment you provide. No matter if it’s pre-shift or post, I know it’s love.

I can always depend on you to prepare me for the shift ahead. You provide the encouragement I need to get through whatever storm. You’re always there, even if I miss a pre-shift, and just eat whatever’s left in the kitchen. You help me to unwind from the long and brutal service spent almost entirely in the weeds.

When I’m down, you lift me. Even during those weeks before the rent is due and I overspend at Sunday brunch, you’ll be there. I can always depend on you when it counts, like on my days off when all I have in the cupboards is top ramen or beans and rice. I know you’ll be the flavor I need to get through the week.

Every day I’m working in the kitchen making someone else’s menu to serve to others; you give me the reprieve I need to express my imagination and share my creations with those dearest to me, our team — our family.

There’s just something about you, Family Meal. You taught me how to appreciate cuisine, develop my tastebuds, and recognize complex flavors — it’s all because of you that I’m a better person today and know the difference between a hollandaise sauce and béarnaise.

So this Thanksgiving holiday, it’s you I’m thankful for, Family Meal. You are more cherished than you will ever know.


Ashley McNally

Ashley McNally likes to cook, loves to bake, and is always dreaming of her next meal. With over 13 years of experience working in various roles within a restaurant — McNally has made a home in hospitality.

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