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St. Paddy’s Day Bingo

St Patricks day bingo

If you’re working this St. Paddy’s Day — you’re in for one wild shift. Have some fun yourself with a game of bingo!

St. Paddy’s Day in the service industry is one of the most chaotic, hilarious, and exhausting shifts of the year — but this St. Paddy’s Day will be intense. It’s been three years since people were last allowed to gather in large groups to celebrate anything, let alone their love of drinking and non-existent Irish heritage. So, if you find yourself scheduled for the St. Paddy’s day madness — make sure to take some time for yourself! And, now, with our St. Paddy’s Day Bingo Card, you and your co-workers can break up the chaos with a fun and competitive game!

Download cards here: Poached St. Paddy’s Day Bingo Card, and tag us in a story or posts on Instagram (@poachedjobs) to let us know how your night turned out!
Poached St. Paddy's Day Bingo Card


Ashley McNally

Ashley McNally likes to cook, loves to bake, and is always dreaming of her next meal. With over 13 years of experience working in various roles within a restaurant — McNally has made a home in hospitality.

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