July 19

Staffing with Poached Shifts just got better.

Build out your Poached Shifts team using our newest roster tool! Now available in your Poached dashboard.

With Poached Shifts, employers gain more control to stay fully staffed. Whether filling in for an upcoming event, staffing for last-minute callouts, or looking to find your next best hire — you can confidently run a full team with flexibility. To further streamline the Poached Shifts experience, we added a new tool so you can roster workers and book your shifts quickly and confidently.

Here’s how it works

Build out your roster

Building out your roster is easy if you’ve previously used Poached Shifts. Simply log into your account and open the Shifts Roster panel. Here you can view a list of every worker you’ve ever booked — and pick the ones you trust to fill your shifts automatically.

Once a worker joins your roster, they will be the first notified of any new shifts you post. If they want to work your shift and are available, they can book it immediately. You won’t need to review or approve the application. We’ll notify you via email when it’s filled and who booked it, so you’re always in the loop.

Customize your roster

Of course, there might be a worker you trust to pick up your Server shifts, but you don’t necessarily want them to book your Bartender shifts without your approval. Or maybe you’re happy with a particular worker picking up any shift you post. No matter the case, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to assign specific roles to your roster.

In your Dashboard, you can customize specific shift categories to particular workers. Whatever categories you assign them, they can pick up those shifts automatically. You can even limit them to specific locations if you’ve enabled the Poached Locations feature.

You can update workers’ roles at any time. So, let’s say you let that worker rostered as a server pick up one of your bartender shifts, and they do a great job — you can edit their shift categories to include bartending shifts so the next time you post, they can also book bartending shifts immediately.

Post & Book your Shifts

Once you’ve built out your roster — you can post your shifts with the added reassurance that they’ll get filled quickly. Rostered workers are more likely to pick up your shifts right away since they’re familiar with your business and what’s expected of them.

Of course, we’re still promoting your shift on our site, too, so be sure to log into your account to check for any new applications. The larger the roster, the more likely you are to fill your shifts right away.

Poached Shifts was built to provide flexibility and control to stay fully staffed and operational. With the ability to build out a roster — you gain more confidence and security that your shifts will book with workers you trust to do the job and who’ve already been trained at your location.

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