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Invest in Your Kitchen Staff With Rouxbe


Rouxbe is the Training Tool You Need to Invest in Your Team’s Productivity While Increasing Job Satisfaction.

If you’re running a kitchen, you’re well aware that finding staff is extremely difficult—let alone finding people with the technical skills acquired through classical training.

Typically, you hire whoever showed up to the interview and displayed enough potential to do the job. You then have to organize on-the-job training, which is expensive and time-consuming, and, if not done correctly—results in a quick turnover, landing you right where you started.

This is where Rouxbe comes in. As an affordable and flexible online-training platform, Rouxbe is invaluable in helping you attract the right candidates, support team growth, and increase overall productivity and retention.

Founded in 2005, Rouxbe has reset the standard of culinary education and built a solid reputation as an online-education platform.

Recognized by the American Culinary Federation (ACF), the World Association of Chefs Societies, and the American Council on Education (ACE), Rouxbe’s enterprise training programs have been implemented worldwide.

They’ve effectively trained chefs and culinary professionals across 180 countries and partner with national and global brands like Marriot International, Erickson Living, and Wegmans.

But don’t let their reputation intimidate you— their training packages are highly cost effective and flexible enough to fit any staffing need and business size.

“We have existing clients that use Rouxbe as a core part of their training. They identify certain levels, and once an employee advances to the next level, their pay increases, and their title changes,” Lindsey Neidig, VP of Marketing at Rouxbe, shared. “Then we have other clients who use it more as a reference or soft tool, rather than something that’s woven into their training culture. So there is a lot of flexibility, and we can help fill gaps in a lot of ways.”

Their course material covers everything from culinary foundations, seafood literacy, and pastry — with specialty courses like plant-based foundations and health and wellness training.

Additionally, Rouxbe can upload company-specific content and integrate with other platforms if needed.

Their platform offers content in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic. As an online-training platform, staff can train wherever they want and on any device.

“It’s a nice way for employees to jump in and get training, and with some of our programs, they can earn college credit, and other programs are certified and recognized,” Neidig said. “The skills they learn will become transferable in their culinary career and are not just specific to the employer they’re working with, which is a real positive for the learners.”

An internal training program is a great way to bring new hires up to speed and ensure your whole team works with a cohesive skill set. It’s also an extremely valuable perk you can offer your employees—something they’ll carry throughout their careers.

Most of Rouxbe’s courses can accumulate into real college credits or hours for certification with some major culinary associations like ACFEF, ANFP, and WorldChefs. So while you’re offering training to keep product output on point, employees can also work toward meaningful accreditation.

Let’s not forget that Rouxbe’s programs are interactive—with a team of qualified culinary instructors leading the training, assessing work, and offering personalized feedback.

“There is always a little confusion because people don’t expect that interactive aspect to online learning,” Ken Rubin, Chief Culinary Officer at Rouxbe, shared. “They think they’re going to watch a bunch of videos and take quizzes, but in actuality, there’s someone like Chef David Hooper, a former professor at Johnson and Wales who’s finishing his Ph.D. in Hospitality, grading your activities and giving you personalized feedback.”

While their training material is nearly 100% online, Rouxbe knows that building technique takes practice, and your staff needs to be fully engaged and hands-on to retain the culinary methods taught.

“Having the students do the entire thing, start to finish, and then give a reflection and [a] true narrative of how it went doesn’t just represent the acquisition of knowledge, but it takes it to this synthesis and reflection levels,” Rubin shared. “So, we get a good depth and attribution of meaning when people learn with us.”

If you’re ready to start building a cohesive team and offer your employees the opportunity for real job growth, then Rouxbe is worth checking out. Their enterprise business training programs are a cost-effective and impactful solution to build your retention strategy and invest in your employees.

Connect with Rouxbe today to learn about their flexible options and learn how you can get started!

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