March 14

St. Paddy’s Day Horoscope for Restaurant Workers


As the Sun/Saturn/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius comes to an end, Sun/Jupiter/Mercury Conjunction in Pisces begins! Swapping Saturn for Jupiter means concluding times of structure and segueing into the luck of the Irish, wisdom, and travel. Spring is slowly awakening, and we’re dusting off those winter woes and patios

If your organizational season has served you well, it’s time to party with the Pisces and get your green on. By party with the Pisces, I mean… let’s talk about our feelings and feel held and understood. 


Happy early birthday, young ram! You are the baby of the zodiac, learning to take the good with the bad. Rahu Venus conjunction in your sign indicates that some days this month, you’ll feel negatively impacted by personal issues and gloomy thoughts. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces suggests your typical social interests will be exchanged for introspection and behind-the-scenes work anyway. Take the less social route at work if possible— otherwise, put a damper on all the green beer fanatics’ favorite drunkenness celebration. You may be sent difficulties that put you to the test, and you will, of course, rise to the occasion. Your cup is half full! And it’s your job to give refills.


Don’t be a bull in the wine shop! Remember to be gentle when you are feeling arrogant or stubborn this Pisces season; otherwise, you may encounter a lot of resistance when the Rahu Venus conjunction takes place. While the current transits may result in miscommunications and stirred feelings causing unwanted personal turmoil, it will also bring an increase in work opportunities and creative endeavors. Pick up some extra shifts and creative projects to avoid muddying your social life. Surround yourself with new and interesting people, like coworkers you vibe with or those who can help in your chosen side hustle. 


I know it’s not your jam, but be steady, twins! Even a small shift could cause problems in your personal life. Even with the luck of the Irish, making an actual effort is what will ensure your misunderstandings and obstacles turn out for the best. Don’t draw undue judgments and reap the rewards. Networking, education, and your innate boldness will create bountiful opportunities. Follow the rainbow to your pot of gold.


Much like spring flowers, your joy is in bloom. You are experiencing increasing warmth alongside ease in expressing this sentiment— bringing you personal peace. This transit helps you blossom close relationships and defrost negativity within. The Sun and Jupiter transit in your ninth house suggests increased income and/or professional development. This is the best time for you to achieve goals and develop new meaningful friendships. 


Be soft and conscious in how you approach others this month. You’ll feel greedy and extra, but keep it in check and be rewarded. For example— you may be craving a shopping spree, but show discipline with your money. More generally— if things have been feeling up in the air, they will slowly start to sort themselves out only if you are patient. You may be craving to blow things up in your personal life but exercise caution. However, this is a great time for making career moves and money at work. This is where your extra extra-ness can really shine. Upsell some green beers! Convince your boss it’s time to open the patio for Spring!


Your ego may be inflated during this time— you may be feeling a loss of control and hurt those around you as a result. Be calm and understanding, and ease will come in time. If you remain resolved and goal-oriented, this could be a huge turning point for you professionally and societally. Avoid jury duty and exercise good judgment of those you surround yourself with. Exercise restraint in giving your cash or emotional energy out and focus that restless energy on bussing tables.


A cooperative attitude will enhance your personal and romantic life this month (“yes, Chef”). Try to accept the love of others with a cheery attitude as muddied relationships gradually start to shine. Be judicial in what you give your energy to in the coming weeks, but don’t hold grudges and allow old friends back into the fold. If you preserve your energy correctly, you can push yourself to accomplish new things! You may feel predisposed to exercise and/or develop professionally. In our line of work during this time of year— same, same. If you want extra cash flows, check out Shifts and use this influx of cash carefully! Don’t spend it all on shamrock shakes.


This transition will be one of strong memories and feelings. Be honest and real to find personal fulfillment. Make a positive impression on those you care about. Advance and find more meaning in your current bonds. This is a great time to contribute something positive to your community. Use your unique talents and determination to move forward at work. Perhaps suggest a Paddy’s Day special and work your scheduled shifts. Focus on your current path— right now is a bad time to reroute. Focus on the good and stay the course, young Scorpio! The benefits are imminent.


This is a time of miscommunication and emotional disagreements for y’all archers. If you stay tender and affectionate, everything will work out in the end. You may feel disoriented— change is coming as winter thaws into spring. Remember to communicate well and adjust for the people in your life— If things are good at home, they’ll be good elsewhere! Don’t let a difficult personal life create a bad time at work too. You’re making big money moves slinging shepherd’s pies.


This transit brings a great outlook for your romantic life and personal life in general. Remember that these connections require an amount of selflessness, time, and attention to be successful. 

This season is by far the best time to spend around you. You are entertaining, lovable, and generally crushing life. At work, you’ll want to avoid arguments with coworkers. You may not be there to make friends, but making enemies makes work a lot more… work. Maybe you can hunt for four-leaved clovers with your lover and gift them to your coworkers later after you piss them off.


You are usually so good at rolling with the punches, but you’re feeling less patient this month. You may end up in arguments on these less-than-perfect days, but otherwise, the planets will graciously gift you little presents and help you break barriers at work. Your bad luck will slowly dissolve, and you’ll be rolling in your pot of gold. However, don’t overextend yourself! You deserve a little treat, but don’t blow all your cash on Guinness at the pub. 


You will be content focusing on love as per usual, wise fishy. You’ll be feeling happy as long as your relationships are happy. This is a time to build and rebuild intimate relationships. This transit has caught you more truthful and reliable than usual. However, it also results in indulgence, lavishness, and self-adulation. This is the best time for you to achieve personal objectives and develop new substantial relationships, especially with yourself.


About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.

About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.