July 11

Summer Start Horoscope for Restaurant Workers


July ‘23 Horoscope — Happy Summer, Service Sugars! 

The Holiday and heat distract from productivity and refocus on fun times. Luckily, service industry kids like us get weird weekends, and we get [insert body of water/pool] to ourselves on our days off! Hopefully, you were all surrounded by friends last weekend despite the lack of things to celebrate this year. 

Let’s get our shades on because this July Horoscope is a doozy: Aggressor Mars is transitioning through passionate Leo, revealing the capricious, selfish, and monopolizing nature in all of us. Connective Venus travels through fierce Leo until October 8. Venus in Leo is loving boldly with conviction. Mercury in Cancer brings personal growth and hard decisions. Sun in Cancer suggests reconciliation, vulnerability, and packed social calendars. Let’s gooooo.


Happy Birthday, Crabby Babes! Your season is making me an absolute crybaby, so please drop some Cancer Season survival suggestions in the comments.

Mars in Leo brings communication difficulty. Avoid speaking rudely and watch your gossip habit at the host stand. Exercise tact— be thoughtful, soft, and gentle in speech. Mindful and effective communication is the way this month, so don’t tell off your GM, no matter how much you want to. There may be stress in relationships, but you should be getting more recognition at work if you hold your tongue.

You have Venus in Leo to thank for boosts in your financial comfort and blooms your social life. You can excel in artistic pursuits. Your ease and confidence are making an impact wherever you go and leaving an impression on everyone around you.

Sun Transit in Cancer wants you to focus on your well-being— specifically healthy routines. 


Slow down, Leo! Mars in Leo is a season of restraint. You are feeling tempted to go on a shopping spree and tactlessly speak your mind. Exercise the self-control to say no to frivolities and stay sunny. Be considerate of the suggestions given to you by loved ones, even if you feel like fighting them. Your attitude might get you in trouble this month. Let all that practice of fake smiling at guests finally pay off. 

Feeling endued with positive energy and desire personal growth? Cultivate strong bonds. Utilize your refreshed motivation for new projects to take off. Increase your financial stability by building a budget.

Complications of this season will ease with Mercury in Cancer, bringing good jobs if you want them, overdue validation for your hard work, and a flourishing romantic life. Any arising challenges are easily tackled by kings of the jungle like you.


You may feel a heightened desire for luxury and be hermitting in your riches. Use this time to explore your creativity and not dwell on impending romantic challenges.

Mars in Leo delivers the potential for work travel— perhaps you try applying to Poached Destination Jobs? Summer might bring extra stress and anxiety, so remember to take care of yourself. Be prepared for what’s to come but stay flexible and patient.

Multiple layers of positive change are coming your way, like that raise or increased tip-out you’ve been waiting for. Make your backburnered plans a reality. Hustle at work. Learn something new.


Leo Mars infuses you with newfound energy to complete tasks. You can easily find fulfillment and accomplishment if you work this month. A good support system is especially helpful in achieving your goals right now, and the Leo Venus is great for building closer friendships. Dream big — the universe is in your favor. 

You’re feeling secure and content thanks to Mercury in Cancer, and you are extra alluring and social during this Leo Venus. Explore new concepts or places. Exciting opportunities and successes will open doors for you. You are being seen as an authority figure, but don’t grow an ego over it. Work is going well, and you might be tempted to pick up extra shifts. Be sure to maintain a good work/life balance this month!


You are impressing everyone at work this Cancer season. You are finally feeling supported and hearing the positive feedback you have needed at work, but make sure to stay grounded and not grow overly confident. You are a fantastic service professional, but no one is perfect (you’re close, though). If you have been hoping for a new job, now is a promising time to land one

You may be experiencing strain in your family relationship, and your blossoming romantic interests can provide relief on this front. Overall, Leo Venus is a joyful, fulfilling, and creative time for you, so try to stay positive when things are difficult.


You may feel broke and unmotivated at work, but try to inspire yourself! Look to your support system to seek out growth and encourage you to push through. Go to your nearest knowledgeable chef and nerd out over thickening or binding agents. Your hustle during Mars in Leo will bring gifts in the next season. Staying determined will provide later gifts and help you process imminent revealed secrets.

Family stuff might be feeling difficult— Venus in Leo wants you to take to artistic and spiritual activities to express yourself this month. Your romantic and social life will be firing up, and you may see some old familiar faces.


You may be feeling uncertain. Try to stay in the present. This season is bringing out some longing within you. Longing for luxuries, for new romantic encounters, for recklessness. Stay present and exercise caution! 

Find a new movement or exercise to implement into your routine, and find creative ways to engage with current romantic interests. Make sure all decisions you make are well thought out. Your ability to focus is enhanced right now— use it wisely. You may get good news at work!


Mars Transit in Leo gifts you a tight support system, work-related travel (a destination job, perhaps?), and a glittery work-life, full of opportunity. You are feeling curious and nurturing. Victory over old obstacles and enthusiasm for the future. 

Social events are feeling promising, but you may have hardships in your romantic and financial situations. Utilize your excellent patience and communicate with loved ones intentionally. You are feeling grounded through the changes going on and are hopeful to learn about art and culture in this period.


This Transit is a rollercoaster for you. If you buckle down and do some hard work, you can avoid upcoming obstacles. Seek guidance and motivation from others to get through them, if they come. You are making good, hard decisions and are feeling reassured. Your ego may be elevated — be careful of this and foster safe relationships at work. 

Venus in Leo brings a surge of competition but with ideal outcomes. The stars recommend sports to promote health. 

You may have romantic obstacles, but Cancer Mercury gives you many opportunities and focus for success. Believe in yourself!


This season you have an insatiable hunger and curiosity. This is an excellent season for learning and achieving goals. Mercury and Sun in Cancer are amplifying your decision-making skills— ensuring you minimize risk and find financial benefits and expanded horizons. You might be able to focus this energy on your career— check out some Rouxbe classes. 

Venus in Leo brings an era of blossoming romance. However, this focus on new adventures and ventures leaves your partner in the dust. Split your time in the sun with intentional energy in your relationships. If you communicate kindly and openly, your loved ones will be a great source of support in your endeavors.


Mars in Leo benefits your home environment, making some jealous. Dynamics with friends and coworkers may become competitive, but ease this by focusing on kind communication and understanding. 

The good news is in work, health, and romance. You can look forward to the recognition you have been wanting at work, and you should find an increased sense of well-being. Maybe your manager will finally start giving you the schedule you’ve been asking for! 

Venus in Leo and Mercury in Cancer bring strong connections of all kinds and lucrative growth opportunities at work. Make sure to reduce risk during this season and plan accordingly. Cancer season brings job change and travel potential. Maybe you’re about to snag a destination job on Poached!


You are likely to get a new job if you want one this month! You feel more productive and will have higher energy levels, thanks to Leo Mars. 

The Sun’s transit in Cancer reminds you to feed your support system because you need them most right now. Leo Mars says these relationships could easily go awry and avoid heated conversations for now. Don’t bitch out your friends for hanging out without you on their normie weekend.

Get outside. Be creative. Be active.

Opportunity, positivity, and wealth are coming for you in Cancer Mercury. It’s a high-risk, high-reward time, baby.



About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.

About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.