December 28

NYE Bingo for Restaurant Workers


Let’s bid 2023 goodbye with a little kick and giggles! If you are lucky enough to be on the schedule to ring in 2024 at your restaurant this weekend, this is for you! 

OceanGate, Taylor Swift taking over the world, Prince Charles’ coronation, Britney’s freedom—so much has happened this year. I almost feel numb. I’m pretty sure the US Government announced that aliens do exist, but no one even batted an eye. 

This shift will be all fun and games until you are waiting on that last pair of campers who won’t budge. What will happen first, the clock strikes midnight, or they cash out?

There is still time to print off these Bingo Cards and have a little fun with your crew! 

About the author


Rebecca Gill began her love affair with restaurants at the ripe age of 16. Her dedication and hard work have directed her towards the administrative side of operations, where she helped train and educate team members. When not working, she enjoys cooking + eating, exploring, and cuddling her dog, Louie.