April 10

Jakesplains Top Chef Season 21

Let’s meet the lovely and talented chefs of Top Chef season 21… out of complete respect and adoration we selected the most unflattering screenshots we could find. Other than Savannah… there are no bad pictures of Savannah as it is not possible for her to look unflattering.

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Valentine Howell, Jr

James Beard Nominee, sporting the beard of Zeus himself. 

FROM: Boston where he works as an executive chef

Wins – None
Losses – Episode 2 – Eliminated

Alisha Elenz

James Beard Nominee X2! 

FROM: Chicago where she is a private chef at Whisk The Night Away

Wins – None
Losses – Episode 4 – Eliminated

Manny Barella

James Beard Nominee and Michelin Star Experience 

FROM: Denver after moving here from Mexico, he is the culinary director at Camp Pickle & Jaguar Bolera

Wins – Episode 1
Losses –

Charly Pierre

Two time James Beard Winner

FROM: New Orleans where he is the Chef and Owner of Fritai

Wins –
Losses – Episode 5 – Eliminated

Amanda Turner

James Beard Nominee

FROM: Austin where she is Chef De Cuisine at Olamaie

Wins –
Losses –

Dan Jacobs

James Beard Finalist

FROM: Mr. Milwaukee where he is a chef and owner at Dandan and Esterev

Wins – Episode 5
Losses –

Savannah Miller

FROM: Durham where she is the Chef De Cuisine at M Tempura

Wins –
Losses –

Kévin D’Andrea

Top Chef France Finalist, Michelin Star Experience

FROM: Lives in Austin and is Chef and Owner at Foliepop’s

Wins –
Losses –

Kaleena Bliss

FROM: Chicago where she is the executive chef at Cindy’s Rooftop and the Chicago Athletic Assiciation

Wins –
Losses – Episode 4 – In Last Chance Kitchen

Kenny Nguyen

FROM: Athens where he is Chef and Owner of Pretty Boy

Wins – none
Losses – Episode 3 – Eliminated

Michelle Wallace

FROM: Houston where she is the pitmaster and owner of B’Tween Sandwich Co.

Wins – Episode 3
Losses –

Rasika Venkatesa

Michelin Star Experience

FROM: San Francisco where she is a chef de cuisine

Wins – Episode 2, Episode 4
Losses –

Danny Garcia

Michelin Star Experience

FROM: New York where he is the Executive Chef at Saga Hospitality

Wins –
Losses –

Laura Ozyilmas

Michelin Star Experience

FROM: San Francisco where she is the co-owner at Dalida

Wins –
Losses –

David Murphy 

Michelin Star Experience

FROM: San Francisco where he is the chef and co-owner at Shuggies 

Wins – none
Losses – Episode 1 – Eliminated

Moist Palone 

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