June 26

Poached Expands To Include the Cannabis Industry!


Food + Drinks + Weed + Jobs = Together at Last, On Poached!

Poached Jobs was born out of a deep admiration of the grit, determination, and passion that defines the hospitality industry. Today, inspired by the same entrepreneurial spirit thriving in the cannabis world, we’re thrilled to announce that Poached is expanding its services to include dispensaries, grow facilities, edible production kitchens, and more! 

As cannabis legalization sweeps nationwide, we recognize the need for a dedicated platform to help local SMB businesses grow by easily connecting them with skilled professionals. Poached is ready to fill that void and offer tailored services to help cannabis employers and workers connect quickly. 

Why now? 

Honestly, we’ve always considered cannabis as a complementary addition to the Poached platform. Over the years, many dispensaries tried to use our services, which we’ve historically turned away. Given the prevalent labor shortages during and after the pandemic, the timing didn’t feel right—until now. 

With an increasing number of job seekers using our platform and the expanding legalization of cannabis, we believe this is the perfect time to introduce cannabis jobs on Poached. 

Like our tried-and-true restaurant customers, we’ve spoken with cannabis business owners who have expressed similar excitement about having a platform dedicated to their hiring needs. Cumbersome sites like Craigslist or costly platforms like Indeed aren’t effective in quickly building reliable teams

We’re excited to bring hospitality and cannabis jobs together and become a go-to employment platform to connect with more qualified and skilled candidates looking to grow their careers within the cannabis industry.

What To Expect

We’ve recently launched a dedicated category for cannabis jobs, making it easy for those interested to find relevant opportunities on Poached. 

We’re actively working on expanding our network with retail and production employers to provide more job opportunities and establish Poached as a premier employment site for the cannabis industry and hospitality. 

For now, apart from the new category and expanded focus, our features remain the same, and so does our dedication to hospitality! 

Our Commitment To You

Even as we grow nationwide, Poached remains a small business rooted in Portland, Oregon. We promise to keep small and medium-sized companies at the forefront of our product and continuously improve the hiring process so your business or career can thrive, whether in hospitality, cannabis, or both! 

We’re also committed to highlighting the best damn jobs in hospitality and cannabis, encouraging transparency and flexibility. 

Like those we serve, we’re ready to innovate and grow to make connecting over meaningful employment easier and better than ever.  

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about finding or posting cannabis jobs on Poached—please connect with us at support@poachedjobs.com

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