September 25

National Voter Registration Day

American politics are not driven by online comments, American politics are driven by votes. Today is National Voter Registration Day – here’s how to get registered.

The current political mood is dark… very dark. Instead of cooperation we have pointless arguing. Instead of reasoned diplomacy we have tweetstorms. Our leaders are only as good as the votes they get, so it’s up to us, as citizens, to hold our leaders to a higher standard.

Voting matters. While some people do everything they can to tell us our votes won’t count, to restrict our access to the polls or otherwise try to keep us from being heard, voting is more than a fundamental right – it’s a responsibility.

If you aren’t registered to vote, today’s the day to do so. Don’t wait: Register now!

And once you’re registered, save the date for the upcoming election. You might need to get up early or adjust your schedule, but getting your vote counted is the most important thing you can do for your community. VOTE!

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Jack Hott


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