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Introducing Poached BackOffice

labor shortage

Managers need to fill positions with candidates as fast as possible – which is why we’re excited to introduce Poached BackOffice, our newest set of features that make hiring more efficient than ever before.

With a tight labor market, employers and job seekers are struggling to connect – making hiring and getting hired a painful process. For employers, this means losing valuable time to “no call/no show” interviews. For job seekers, the result is applications disappearing into a virtual black hole. Without a way for employers and job seekers to quickly and easily communicate, the challenges of staying fully staffed – and growing – will continue.

So we’re proud to introduce Poached BackOffice – hiring tools to help you contact, interview and track your applicants more efficiently than ever before.

Message your best candidates
You no longer need to juggle between making phone calls and composing emails while scheduling interviews. Just type your message into the Poached BackOffice and our platform delivers the message via text or email – whichever the applicant prefers. Our messaging tool keeps you in direct contact with your applicants. With our mobile-friendly site, you and your applicants can communicate wherever and whenever – allowing you to schedule interviews quickly and get back to multitasking the bajillion other things on your plate.

Schedule interviews
We’ve updated the Interview Scheduler with friendly features to help decrease miscommunication and increase attendance to scheduled interviews. We’ll send reminder notifications to applicants, notifying them of upcoming interviews and asking them to confirm their attendance. You and your applicants can easily communicate any schedule conflicts or last-minute cancellations, keeping you up-to-date and more productive with your time.

Manage your applications
Wading through and organizing applications across multiple job openings is difficult to keep track of, but Poached BackOffice offers new features that make organizing applicants a cake-walk. With status icons that mark each application as New, Viewed, Rated, Contacted and Interviewed, you always know where your applicants are in the hiring process.

Track applicant histories
On top of these organizational features, we’ve created an applicant history to help you track applicants who’ve applied to your open jobs in the past.  You can see how far an application has been in the hiring flow before, view previous notes you made on a specific applicant, and have more insight on those applications you want to take to the next stage of the hiring process.

We designed Poached BackOffice specifically for the restaurant industry. We know it’s a fast-paced industry out there and every spare moment counts, so we’re committed to helping you hire efficiently and getting you back to the thing that matters most – growing your business.

The best part? All of these features are included with the price of a job posting.


Poached Jobs

Poached Jobs believes that hiring and being hired in the food and drink industry doesn’t have to be a life-sucking proposition. We are devoted to making the process faster, easier and more thorough, so you can do it really well and less often.

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