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Best kitchen shoes 2019

best kitchen shoes

I bet you’re a better cook than a cobbler. Fixing your work shoes doesn’t need to be a daily part of your work routine. We’ve got a list of the best kitchen shoes for the back of house.

The holy grail for the back of house is finding the best kitchen shoes. It can take months or even years of trial and error. Then, when you finally find a pair that does a decent job, they’re discontinued right when the sole is so thin that your socks are soaking up something unidentifiable near the floor drain. Fortunately, we spoke to Sarah Rickert from Shoes for Crews who told us what to look for in the best work shoes and which ones are their top sellers.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you can put down the duct tape. We’ve got you covered with the best kitchen shoes for the back of house.

Shoes for when the dishwasher is making it rain…in the most literal sense possible.  
You know those days when the dishes are piling up and you and the dishwashing machine are both working overtime — water is flying everywhere and you’re working in a puddle of water for 10 hours straight? Well, Rickert told us that they have a fix for that. “Our EVA styles work perfectly for anyone dealing with a lot of water like dishwashers; top recommended styles are Bullfrogs, Bloodstone, Zinc and Radium. Best part is that all of these styles are unisex so they have a large size range.” So it’s easy to find a perfect fit.

When shopping for the best kitchen shoes when you’re exposed to a lot of water, you really have to think about safety. Slipping is a real-life hazard and a constant risk for the fast-paced restaurant worker. “Choose a restaurant kitchen shoe or uniform shoe specifically designed with a slip-resistant outsole that provides added traction for wet, oily, slippery environments” Rickert advises. All of the above styles have a Shoes for Crews slip-resistant outsole. They’re also water-resistant, lightweight and affordable — making any style a good choice for the BOH.


best work shoes


Shoes for when you’re down a prep cook and food’s dying in the window because the shit has hit the fan. 
There’s always going to be those days where it seems like the worst that could possibly happen, happens. Working in a restaurant keeps you on your toes, so you need shoes that can keep up! Shoes for Crews has some great options for those BOH positions that need to be quick on their feet for hours at a time. For chefs, line cooks and prep cooks: “You’re on your feet for long shifts, sometimes all day and into the night, so your restaurant shoes need to feel good,” Rickert advised. “Look for lightweight, comfort-forward construction with removable gel or cushioned insoles that you can replace regularly.” Flair and Pearl are recommended for women’s sizes and Swift and Bridgetown for men’s sizes. These styles have an athletic look and are lightweight, comfortable and easy to clean — literally a dream shoe for the BOH.


best work shoes


Overall, when you’re shopping for a shoe you need to remember what your job responsibilities entail and keep those requirements in mind. Shop for a pair that considers comfort, safety and durability. “The well-constructed slip-proof work shoe won’t fall apart after a week or two of wear,” Rickert states. “A good non-slip restaurant shoe should last at least six months.” Shoes for Crews understands restaurant work and has made styles with kitchen crews in mind at an affordable price. So if your Gorilla Glue is running low, check out their site before considering a new bottle. A great pair of work shoes are a necessary tool of the trade.

Kitchen shoes featured in this article:
1. Bullfrogs
2. Bloodstone

3. Zinc
4. Radium

5. Flair

6. Pearl

7. Swift

8. Bridgetown

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Ashley McNally likes to cook, loves to bake, and is always dreaming of her next meal. With over 13 years of experience working in various roles within a restaurant — McNally has made a home in hospitality.

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