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October Horoscope for restaurant workers

October Horoscope

As trees show the progression of the seasons, how do you handle your own changes within? In this October Horoscope, we focus on each of our varying shades of character.

October is here and as Leo brings the Sun into spotlight we must contemplate the ever existing changes within ourselves. Fall’s deciduous trees can be an example, as the sun and her growing distance moves their leaves from shades of bright green to deep yellows, warm reds, and toasty browns. We are reminded that much like those trees, we too have many changing shades that make up the whole of our personality. The only certainties in life are the fluctuations we experience daily.

For this October horoscope, I focus on the signs and their ability to handle daily change and the challenges that exist within.

Don’t be surprised at the levels of fiery agitation you can reach when the new waiter claims you fucked up the preparation of a dish, even when the ticket shows otherwise.

Your manager will bring in some new hires that are actually not that bad. This will cause you to realize that you are more capable of respecting authority figures than you’d like to believe.

With bros and Karens abounding for football season, you’ll quickly need to stock up on White Claw or face the never ending passive aggressive Yelp reviews that will keep you up at night.

As you are scheduled into working more night shifts, you will experience an enlightening respect for the war zone that the night crew deals with on the regular – and also charley horses.

This Halloween you will realize how not unlike feral animals the human race can be, as you serve herds of recently turned 21 year olds that don’t know the fundamentals of tipping or that drinking to the point of throwing up or dancing on tables is completely unacceptable in a bar.

Having holiday spirit is okay, but keep it in your own home. The rest of us have to work and don’t need creepy ass decorations spooking us around every corner.

Having an open mind is necessary to personal growth. Remember this as you receive an order for your salmon special with everything that makes it special substituted for only a side of sliced lemons. Should everyone eat out? Perhaps not, but can anyone eat out? Yes.

Busy days are coming your way, which is good for your finances, but bad for your sleep. The stars predict a sequence of work related nightmares as the sun moves into the 8th house.

You may or may not be scheduled more shifts that you perhaps asked for a week or two ago, but now definitely do not want and will let every one of your coworkers know.

Capricorns are known for their loyalty and dedication, which is why in theory you can appreciate the vigor that most sports fans demonstrate. Try to tap into this understanding, even as the darkest parts of your being are triggered by every bro that inappropriately screams some stupid sports team chant and continues to sip on one beer for the eternity that is a football game.

As Sagittarius continuously complains about their shifts, you will discover how little complaining accomplishes. This will make work a lot easier and provide an uplifting outlook.

You will find that your ability to communicate with fish has extended to include crustaceans. Unfortunately this discoverance will occur as you are preparing the seasonal special: fresh crab cakes.

Ashley McNally

Ashley McNally likes to cook, loves to bake, and is always dreaming of her next meal. With over 13 years of experience working in various roles within a restaurant — McNally has made a home in hospitality.

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