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Table 10A is still there.

t10a is still there

Berea, OH – Server Sylvia McCintosh, 22, was nearly finished with her shift when she realized table 10a was “still there, having dessert.” She informed the kitchen all the tickets were in. Due to a recent edict from the manager, however, they couldn’t break down the open kitchen until all customers had left.

This is her story

“Yeah they’re still there. They’re still picking at dessert. I think he wants more coffee though.”

“I filled his coffee, but she didn’t want any more. I think they’re winding down.”

“No one’s touched the pie for awhile, but she’s kinda hovering over it. Give them a few minutes.”

“Uh oh, bad news, he’s holding her hands as she tells a story. This might be a few more minutes.”

“She’s totally still talking.”

“They stopped taking coffee refills and they asked for the check. I think we’re almost there.”

“Check is just sitting there, no action yet.”

“I cleared the mostly eaten dessert and her coffee cup. He grabbed his cup, but didn’t want a refill.”

“Ok, so I think they’re having some serious discussion. I heard her ask him ‘so what are we?’ Which is not good for us.”

“Definitely discussing their relationship. You can go smoke if you want. This’ll take a moment.”

“Oh! He moved the check closer! She’s smiling again – I think we’re almost in the clear.”

“Duuuuuuude, just pay. Seriously. This is killing me.”

“They talk about their lives. To have lived is not enough for them. They have to talk about it.”

“They’re paying! They’re paying! GO! GO!”

Jack Hott

Jack Hott has more than 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. Along the way he’s flipped burgers, tossed pizzas and spilled a lot of wine on white table cloths.

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