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How to use Poached Shifts as an Employer


Staying fully staffed with Poached Shifts is easy — here’s a quick breakdown of how it works so you can quickly staff up for any occasion.

It’s no secret that hiring in the hospitality industry is a constant challenge, but the difficulty level has certainly gone up a notch since the pandemic. With a competitive labor market, quick turnover, and pricy employment costs — employers need a smarter solution to supplement permanent hires, which is why we created Poached Shifts. In addition to job posts, employers can now post to fill individual shifts by booking our network of skilled hospitality professionals. You never have to stress about unexpected call-outs, being understaffed for big events, or overworking your team when hiring.

So, if you’ve been interested in Poached Shifts but hesitant to try it out because you’re not sure how it works, look no further. This article will give you a quick overview of the Poached Shifts process and how easy it is to use.

Post your Shifts.

All Poached accounts have access to Poached Shifts. All you have to do is open the Shifts panel and fill out a quick form letting us know what position you need filled, how many workers, and how many shifts you need to be covered. Next, you’ll want to include a detailed description highlighting the requirements of the job and any worksite information booked workers will need to know.

The best part about posting a Shift? You only pay after the shift is worked, at which point you’re paying the worker’s hourly pay rate plus a $39 service fee per Shift and Shift worker. The fee goes toward our ability to cover Occupational Accident Insurance for any booked workers and promote your shifts more heavily, so they get filled quickly. That’s it! There are no upfront costs and no hidden fees when posting a shift.

Pick your candidates.

Once your Shift is live, we promote it on the Job Search page on Poached, and through algorithmic email campaigns that match your shift to skilled workers nearby. As your Shift begins to collect applications, we’ll notify you by email so that you can log into your Poached account and pick the workers you’d like to book.

Similar to our permanent hire job posts, once your Shift receives a few applications, you can flip through applications and accept the workers you’d like for your Shift. Then, we finalize the booking by asking the workers you chose to confirm the shift. You’ll be notified when the Shift is booked.

The worker arrives ready to go.

On the day of your shift, the worker you booked will arrive ready to go with any requirements you added to your Shift Post (e.g., uniform requirements, certifications, kitchen tools). The worker records their hours by clocking in and out from the Poached App — this also supports clocking in and out for breaks.

If there are any last-minute changes or anything else you need to communicate to the worker before the shift that wasn’t listed in the Shift Description, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team at Our team is always available and happy to help facilitate the success of your shift!

Paying your worker.

When the shift is over, don’t worry about payout right away — this is all handled through the Poached platform. The worker will need to review their hours and submit an invoice directly to your Poached Account from the Poached App. You will be notified by email when a new invoice is ready for you in your Billing panel.

Once an invoice has been submitted, you’ll have 24 hours to review and request edits or submit the payment before our system automatically processes the payout. We want to ensure that workers are getting paid promptly, but if you cannot view the invoice within that time frame and notice something — our customer success team is here to help!

Getting the coverage you need to keep your business running is more manageable with Poached Shifts. We’re always looking for ways to help employers and workers navigate the insecurities that are simply inherent in hospitality work — now you can hire faster and better with Poached. If you’re not posting shifts already and are interested in giving it a shot, learn more here.

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