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Find The Perfect Job with Poached Shifts

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When job hunting in the hospitality industry, you want to work smarter, not harder — that’s where Poached Shifts comes in handy.

The process of looking for a new hospitality position can be daunting, time-consuming, and costly.

You’ll need to update your resume, dig around on Poached, talk to a few industry friends and see what’s available.

Not to mention, you spend a significant amount of time fighting traffic to drop off resumes and perform interviews.

All of this and that’s before you even clock in on your first day of training.

What happens if you don’t like the new job?

You’ll need to start the process all over again in the hopes of finding a better fit. There has to be a better way to find a job you love.

If I find an interesting restaurant, I like to eat there. I take in the atmosphere, taste the food, and pay attention to how smooth the service runs.

Are tables getting bussed quickly? Is the front-of-house manager on the floor or hiding in a back office? Do people seem genuinely happy to be there?

If it feels appropriate, I might even ask a server or bartender a few questions about how they like working there.

If it’s back-of-house work you’re looking for, the only way to gather information is through an open kitchen. But you don’t want to bother the kitchen, so gathering information is difficult.

Now, scoping out a potential new job might seem fun, but it’s costing you time and money. What if you’re already between jobs and money is tight? You can’t spend that kind of cash doing recon work.

That’s where Poached Shifts comes in. Poached Shifts gives you the time, money, and opportunities to find the perfect fit by allowing you to pick up individual shifts with top restaurants in your area as a contract worker.

There’s no rush when you decide to look for a full-time position. Using Shifts can help you earn money while developing an idea of what you’re looking for in a restaurant as well.

Maybe, you had dreams of working in a classically trained French restaurant, but after working a few gigs, you realized that French-influenced cuisine and service just isn’t what you thought it was.

However, between the French spots, you picked up a few shifts at a new Filipino restaurant, and you can’t get it out of your head. It feels like a much better fit for you.

Had you not used Shifts, you’d be stuck in a restaurant you don’t like, trying to figure out your next move. Looking for the perfect job this way could take months or even years.

Shifts also allows you to experience a variety of work environments.

Working in a corporate setting has a very different vibe from working in a local spot owned by a married couple who have dumped their life savings into making their dreams a reality.

There isn’t a wrong choice here; it’s about taking the time to find a place that fits your goals, motivations, personality, and needs.

With Poached Shifts, you can work at a plethora of locations and then cherry-pick the spots that feel like they have potential.

If you’re curious about what Poached Shifts has to offer right now, click this link to see what’s available in your area.

When you decide you want to make a restaurant your new home, let management know, and there’s a good chance they’ll bring you on, especially with summer on our doorstep.

Patio season can often double a restaurant’s seating capacity, and finding good help for the sunny months is at the top of every restaurant’s needs.

Even if they only offer you part-time work, you can still use Shifts to make the money you need till they bring you on full-time.

Let’s say you’re already working full time, but you have a vacation coming up, or the holidays are around the corner. Poached Shifts are available to be picked up as you need them. You don’t need to slog around town on your days off trying to find a part-time job for some extra money.

The other great thing about Shifts is how easy it is to use, and it’s free.

Every step of using Poached Shifts is done through the app. You’ll be able to look for jobs that interest you, apply for Shifts, clock in and clock out, then submit invoices to get paid.

Getting paid is easy because it’s a direct deposit and is done entirely through the app without any fees passed onto you. You get 100% of your pay.

For a deeper dive into how Poached Shifts works, check out our article How To Use Poached Shifts As A Worker. It will take you step-by-step on how to set up Shifts and get to work.


Wade Nelson

Wade Nelson is a Portland, OR native who currently resides in sunny Los Angeles. As a 25-year veteran of the service industry, Wade has worked nearly every position in the house. When Wade isn’t writing content for your favorite blogs and websites, he’s either slinging drinks at Grand Central Market in DTLA or hanging with his fiance and beagle.

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