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Book Poached Shifts quicker by joining a roster!


Our newest tool for Poached Shifts is now available, employer rosters. Now employers can add you to their roster so you can book their shifts immediately.

Besides having the freedom and flexibility to make extra money whenever you want — Poached Shifts is a great way to work with other exciting restaurants in your area or while traveling to new cities. Once you find a restaurant you really enjoy working with, the employer can choose to add you to their roster.

Rostered workers are pre-approved by the employer to book specific shifts for them automatically. So you no longer have to go through the application process, and you’re prioritized to get the shifts you want!

Here’s how it works

Join a roster

Once you and an employer work together, and you’ve impressed them with your exceptional skills — they can add you to their roster from their Poached Dashboard. You can be rostered for specific roles, like a server or cook, and for specific business locations — or you could be added to all rosters so you can pick up any shift that becomes available (if you want to, of course).

Once you’re added to a roster, we will notify you and ask you to confirm. And that’s it! Now you’ve joined a roster.

Book those shifts

When you join a roster, you’re among the first notified of any new shifts posted by the employer — a perk to being a pre-approved worker. If you’re free and request to pick up the shift — you’re automatically booked. You no longer have to submit your application and wait for the employer to accept you or get overlooked for someone else.

When you see a shift posted that you’re rostered for, click Pick Up Shift. If the shift is still available, you’ll be booked right away. We’ll display a message confirming the booking. Sometimes, other rostered workers could book first, so you want to jump on the opportunities when you see them.

Set your Availability

Another feature added to Poached Shifts along with rostering is the ability to set your availability. We only want to bring you opportunities that fit your interests and schedule — so letting us know when you are available to pick up shifts helps us keep the noise down.

You can update your schedule at any time from the Shift Settings in the Shifts tab of the app. There’s also the option to temporarily disable shift notifications while on vacation or if you just want to take a break!

With Poached Shifts, we strive to bring workers quality opportunities to earn extra income and gain control and flexibility in their careers — all while ensuring pay transparency.

We’re continually improving the process so Poached Shifts can be the best experience for everyone. If you’re new to the concept and unsure what Poached Shifts is, check out our article here to learn more and download the app to get started!


Ashley McNally

Ashley McNally likes to cook, loves to bake, and is always dreaming of her next meal. With over 13 years of experience working in various roles within a restaurant — McNally has made a home in hospitality.

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