November 29

Stay Fully Staffed Throughout the Holiday Season


Poached Shifts is Here So You Can Confidently Staff This Holiday Season

We are fully submerged in the holiday season, the glorious time of year when family, friends, co-workers, and strangers come together to share old memories, make new memories—and do it all with the help of the local restaurant scene.

For hiring managers, in addition to the uptick in business, you now have the added stress of juggling vacation requests, balancing overtime, and assessing burnout rates (including your own).

If you’re starting to panic just thinking about it—take a breath. Review your reservation book, gather all time-off requests, and take a look at your potential staff schedule for the coming holiday season.

If things are starting to look impossible, gain peace of mind that with Poached Shifts, you can better manage your staffing needs and confidently fill your schedule with skilled and vetted freelance hospitality professionals.

How To Take Advantage of Poached Shifts This Holiday Season

Post a Shift or a Series of Shifts
There are no contracts to use Poached Shifts. The feature is available to all employer accounts on Poached. Just log into your account, open the Shifts panel from the side menu and select “Post Shifts.”

You can post as many shifts as you need, with as many workers as necessary, for any role—from dishwashers, bussers, and hosts, to cooks, bartenders, and servers—the platform is your oyster.

If time is of the essence, you can choose to allow any Poached Shifts worker to book. Conversely, you can prioritize your rostered workers or even limit booking to rostered workers.

When using Poached Shifts, you can build out your roster by adding previous workers who you trust to do a great job, or you can build your Shifts Roster by reviewing profiles of nearby Poached Shifts workers and inviting those who seem like a good fit to join.

Workers Begin To Book Your Shifts
Once you post your shifts, we’ll promote them on the Poached Jobs page and through algorithmic emails connecting your shifts to your rostered workers or nearby workers interested in working the roles you’re posting.

All Poached Shifts workers undergo a video orientation and assessment process—so they are vetted before they can book shifts.

We’ll notify you by email when a shift is booked; this is where you can review the worker’s profile and evaluate their skill set. If they don’t seem like a good match, you can decline the booking to open your shift up to other candidates.

Pay Workers and Add Them to Your Roster
After a shift has been worked, the booked workers will review their hours and submit an invoice straight to your Poached Account. You have 24 hours to review and submit payment, where you can also add a tip if the worker did a great job.

Be sure to rate your booked workers and add them to your roster to build out your very own on-call team managed by Poached.

And that’s it! Getting the coverage you need and having a profitable holiday season IS POSSIBLE with Poached Shifts.

As always, there are no upfront costs to posting shifts. After the shift is worked, you pay the hourly rate advertised in your shift post plus a $39 service fee per individual worker’s shift.

Additionally, if you’re looking to hire someone for a permanent role, booking them over a series of shifts to see how they do on the job is a great way to make better hires while staying fully staffed.

To learn more about using Poached Shifts, click here!

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Ashley McNally likes to cook, loves to bake, and is always dreaming of her next meal. With over 13 years of experience working in various roles within a restaurant — McNally has made a home in hospitality.


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