April 10

Spring Horoscope for Restaurant Workers


Let’s bow our heads and say a prayer to the bunny gods for full tip jars. This time period brings RENEWAL and a focus on career, money, and spirituality with Sun, Mercury Retrograde, and Jupiter Rise all in fiery Aries.

A Spring Horoscope for you somewhat stitious and superstitious industry workers.


Happy Birthday, fiery ones! This period brings you many nice pastel easter eggs— lots of energy, flourishing, and opportunity. Your love life is successful, for example, but don’t give up your best-tipped shifts for them yet. You might feel like jumping in with both feet but take a dip first. You are bringing many (including yourself) good financial opportunities and getting along with people at work. Take this season by storm, and get ready to bask in the sun.


You may feel like you’re treading through mud when it comes to accomplishing things during this transit. Aries sun brings work troubles, but keep your chin up because Jupiter Rise is canceling it out starting the 27th. It’s best for yourself and your career to take that vacation you’ve been thinking about and come back energized by the warm weather. Put eggs in your own basket before overextending for others! Romantic possibilities increase for you on the 27th. You may encounter sudden financial gains— make plans to invest!


This transit puts you on cloud nine. Work is going great, and you are feeling growth-oriented. You are likely to succeed in all ventures and receive a high level of profits within a short span of time. Your confidence and happiness put you in a good position to get the best and most Easter eggs if you seek them out. Job opportunities are only likely to grow. Your finances are unexpectedly good, and you are an unusually good communicator right now.


As the temperature grows, so does your stability and work opportunity. Travel is likely to bring you closer to your goals, so if you are considering covering some shifts, you should go for it. You are building positive relationships with your coworkers and bosses and are getting recognition at work. Communication is going smoothly with friends and romantic interests. This month, if you are good with your family, it will bring you more happiness— if you skipped the egg hunt, put some time in to smooth things over.


The rise in temperature brings a rise in your social status. The sun is coming out, and people come out of the woodwork to seek out your sage advice. It’s possible this time will bring you an increase in income and romantic standing as well. The stars suggest it’s a good time to take that trip you have been considering! 


This transit brings expenses and loss, disappointments and obstacles, work pressure and errors. You may decide to look for other jobs and feel increased competition. Plan for an empty basket in the egg hunt and see this as a time for moving inward and renewing. Communication may be difficult, but romance is not. 😉


You might have a hard time at work with a lot of extra stress. It may not be a good time to travel and may not end up how you expect— watch out for overspending or losing money! There is a chance of tension with coworkers and romantic relationships. The sun is here, and there is frenzied excitement in the air. Try harder to understand where others are coming from, even though it feels extra difficult. Romantic feelings come on the 27th with the Jupiter Rise. 


Successful transit—enemies, beware! This is your time. All types of decisions will be in your favor. Patio shifts are yours. If you want to apply for a new job, now is the time! Your social responsibility is increasing, so try to set boundaries with your friends. Your romantic prospects increase with the Jupiter rise. May (April 27, more accurately) you get your swag on.


If you’re a student, this season will bring you success. This Spring brings up your passion for learning. Work is going well, and there is the possibility of further growth there. Child-related concerns may be bothering you— perhaps get more active with one of the service industry childcare organizations. You might be feeling indifferent to romantic possibilities, but that will change with the Jupiter Rise. You’ll be more successful if you stay tight with your family and hide your Easter eggs strategically this month.


While this season is great for you overall, you may have trouble with family and friends. It will feel like people are out to get you, so tread lightly. It may be best to keep your candy to yourself this Easter season to avoid unlucky interactions and travel. This is a great time for inner renewal and self-reflection. Don’t overextend yourself!


April brings success for you at work but tension with cohorts. If you are looking to find a new job, now is the time! Jobs are popping up like flowers, and your stars agree it’s a good time for you to compete. You may start feeling enhanced feelings of spirituality, whatever that means for you. Don’t spend all your money on crystals; spend May trying to learn new things. Do some budgeting before the 27th when Jupiter Rise begins— you’ll be feeling irresponsible.


This season brings fierceness to your communication. There is a possibility of suddenly running into money, but do not lend more money to anyone in the middle of this period. Pisces tend to make silly choices by leading with their hearts, but decisions made when carried away by emotions will be extra harmful this Spring. Try to get your Easter eggs in a row before the 27th—  Jupiter Rise begins on this day, and it is a time to focus on learning new things but a bad time for prioritizing money management.



About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.

About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.