May 9

Mother’s Day Horoscope for Restaurant Workers


May ‘23 Horoscope

We’re rolling out of Spring, and it’s getting warmer. People are feeling emotional, excited, and ready to take over your patio section to toast their moms. Transits this month bring innovation, imposter syndrome, hopeful detachment, and discoveries of hidden self if you’re lucky. The sun says party, but the moon says CHILL.

May is the time to relish in beauty, go to the thrift store to reinvent yourself as the coolest line cook around, and spend extra time in nature before kicking off in June.


On May 7, Venus enters Cancer, the mother of the zodiac. A true romantic, you will find yourself expressing your love by filling up the ice well for your coworkers before clocking out on Mothers’ Day. Bridges are being built, and cohort harmony is coming easily, but don’t let them walk all over you— you can’t work alllllll the sunny day shifts.

Ruled by Mars, the planet of physical energy and drive, you’ll be excited to find that on June 1st, projects that have been feeling stuck are finally progressing. You’ll feel more confident and determined when Mars enters Leo. People will celebrate your organizational skills in the walk-in rather than rolling their eyes! Unfortunately, this transit brings prideful feelings—try not to let that Aries ego get in your way.


Happy birthday, cozy cats! You are not new to spoiling yourself, so this transit will feel great. It’s time to adorn your sacred space, buy clothes, and find beauty all around. Venus entering Cancer brings a nostalgic vibe, so hit up the thrift store, yard sales, and estate sales for a warm-colored quartz crystal that allows you to joyously celebrate another cycle of change— place it in your workspace.

Mars enters Leo on June 1st, and your stubborn feelings will have you working through some frustrations. Try to push past this and reap the benefits of this extra productive time!


The curious twins are focused on diving into the dark inner corners of your mind this full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Profound secrets may come to light! Do you actually love working at the busiest station? Do you truly live for customers who ask what you’re making? Is Mothers’ Day brunch a place to thrive

You’ll notice everyone around you feeling extra emotional dealing with some startling changes. You can offer a helping hand as one who is used to feeling the pull of everything all at once. 


Cancerians are the mother of the zodiac, so as Venus enters Cancer, you’ll feel inclined to mother your coworkers—resist! They won’t get you a Mother’s Day gift. Sweetness has always come easily to you as a true nurturer, but it feels more intuitive for others in this transit. Let others spoil you for once!

The new moon in Taurus on the 19th brings stability and slowness— get ready to relish in your favorite parts of your job, like sitting in a comfy chair and rolling silverware while others take your tables. 


Be frugal in your innate lavishness this month. Find a second-hand shop that makes you feel wistful. Buy doodads to embellish your workstation and look at some new work clothes and clogs (don’t forget to grab something for Mom!). Venus in Cancer brings us an emphasis on all things beauty. Make all areas of your restaurant feel good and fulfilling. Take things slow and steady, and don’t get your hopes up that you’ll get all your requests off.


The full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings unexpected events, and abrupt life changes that we aren’t prepared for. Prepare for your work to turn into counter service. Prepare for your restaurant to suddenly get bro-y. Prepare for Karens at the kitschy cocktail bar. Be detached for a hot minute.

Get some distance from coworkers and look inward this month. Skip your shifty to do something grounding.


Venus in Cancer is bringing out your inherent needs to nurture your relationships but don’t let your acts of kindness broach on parenting. Your connections are strong already, so let them meet you halfway— it will be easier for them this month! 

In addition, May brings attunement to aesthetics. Make your restaurant reflect your knack for beauty by shopping estate sales with Mom and asking for reimbursement from management.


Pluto retrograde in Aquarius has you wondering why your manager is your manager. You might be ready to quit your job because your boss sucks and delete your social media because you feel inauthentic. You may feel some insecurity at work and a call to burn it all down. Choose your path and plan actionable steps now— but wait for Mars in Leo in June to take action.


Your bartender might be looking for a shoulder to cry on this transit, and you’re gonna hate it. This month is an excellent time to temporarily do that Sagittarius thing you do where you untangle social entanglements. Not only is this more suitable to your preferences, but it frees you up to do some self-reflection and seek out the dark, taboo parts of yourself that a full Scorpio moon inspires. Get a drink with Mom instead of with your coworkers after work.


The full moon in Scorpio will feel very backward for you. You’ll be endlessly in the weeds this weekend and unable to feel in control of your situation. Prepare to feel unprepared and emotional. Try to detach from the results and dive into the journey. Make loose plans and do some yoga before the night shift to relish in ritual. 


Pluto retrograde in Aquarius will have you questioning your manager’s schedule choices and starting fights with your POS system this Mother’s Day. You may begin to feel like you aren’t living authentically with loads of imposter syndrome coming up. At the same time, there will be an emphasis on like-minded reform and accepting eccentricity like yours, and you’ll feel that. Your token detachment is your friend through this transition. June will have you feeling inspired to take action.


Venus entering Cancer is putting everyone on your level— emotive superstars.

This is a great time to focus on the integrities of your dynamics with coworkers and find closeness with that elusive dishwasher. 

Ensure that while showing love through acts of service, you don’t also weaponize the incompetence of others. Show your appreciation for the love you get.



About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.

About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.