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Let’s Get Digital In Your Search To Finding Skilled Restaurant Workers


How Tech Helps In Your Search For Hiring Skilled Restaurant Workers.

Over the years, the need for more flexible hospitality recruitment has only grown. With high turnover rates and expensive employment costs, employers need a centralized platform to efficiently connect their jobs with skilled restaurant workers.

That’s where Poached comes in.

Built by industry professionals, for industry professionals—Poached understands that employers need options, but they also need the simplicity of utilizing a single platform for all their hiring needs.

As the nation’s only hospitality-focused employment site where employers can recruit both full-time and on-demand restaurant workers, Poached is streamlining the hiring process in the restaurant industry.

What Makes Poached Different

Poached was founded in 2011 to give employers and workers in the service industry their own place to connect. Since then, Poached quickly grew nationwide, with over 1,000,000 registered restaurant workers and over 70,000 businesses utilizing their services to hire quickly and affordably.

What sets Poached apart from other generic employment sites is that Poached is built for restaurant recruitment specifically. Because of that alone, employers are able to efficiently connect with restaurant workers who have experience and are explicitly looking for work in their field.

On other employment sites, you run the risk of your jobs being advertised to the wrong type of talent and collecting inexperienced and underqualified resumes. 

Additionally, the applicant tracking tools and other features on Poached are built with the industry in mind to combat common pain points, like no-show interviews, unskilled applications, and needing candidates ASAP.

iPhone with the Poached app running and showing a worker profile. Behind the iPhone, a laptop with poachedjobs.com is displaying all the hospitality recruitment categories.

5 Helpful Tools To Connect With Restaurant Workers on Poached

  1. Poached Dashboard: Free to anyone who registers an account, Poached offers an intuitive dashboard where employers can manage their jobs and applicants across locations and hiring managers.
  2. Poached Jobs: Employers can post 30-day job listings for full and part-time roles with straightforward pricing. Each post costs $59, and you only pay when you need to post. If your jobs need a little extra exposure, you can add a Job Boost for $25 each. The Boost brings your job back to the top of the job search results and adds a promotional budget across our partner network for increased exposure.
  3. Poached Shifts: Fill on-demand staffing needs with vetted and insured freelance hospitality professionals. This is great for filling in last-minute call-outs, ramping up your staff for seasonality or an upcoming event, or to trail before you hire a restaurant worker. There are no costs to posting a shift. You only pay after the shift is worked. There are also useful and free features associated with Poached Shifts, like the roster. With the Shifts Roster, you can add workers to a preferred list and prioritize those workers for your future shifts. Think of it like building an “on-call” staff only through our network of skilled professionals. 
  4. Applicant Tracking Software: Free to anyone who registers an account, Poached offers useful applicant tracking software allowing employers to rate resumes, filter applicants, make notes and share potential candidate resumes with colleagues. The Poached ATS gets employers up to 60% more resumes than other applicant tracking software.
  5. Messaging and Interview Scheduling Tools: As applicants come through who seem like they have potential, you’re free to message and schedule interviews right from your dashboard. This is a great way to maintain privacy and keep all your contacts in one place. Additionally, when you schedule an interview through Poached, we send automated interview reminders and confirmation requests to the candidate.

With Poached, hospitality recruiters benefit from a single platform dedicated to helping them make full-time, part-time, and on-demand hires with skilled and experienced professionals.

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Ashley McNally likes to cook, loves to bake, and is always dreaming of her next meal. With over 13 years of experience working in various roles within a restaurant — McNally has made a home in hospitality.


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