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Hot Hot Heat Horoscope for Restaurant Workers


August ‘23 Horoscope — It’s super hot, and so are you! 

August is gonna feel like a fun-but-scary rollercoaster— a crazy ride of ups and downs and loop-de-loops coming to an unsettling halt at the end. There will be many days with confusing and conflicting guests. Many days your head will buzz with tasks, but you neglect to full-hands in/out. Other days, you’ll finally find peace solo or with friends. 

It’s a good month for putting your summer energy to use and achieving what you can if you can. As service industry guys, we are big on the hustle but try to give yourself some time to slow down and enjoy the summer, too.


Happy Birthday, Leos! It’s your time in the spotlight— as if you could forget! This month you will be rewarded for staying open-minded and receptive. If you tame the lion that is your ego, all goes well. So try not starting a fight with that guest who claims they know the menu better than you when they obvi don’t.

Your season is bringing effortless charm and composure. Leo is the prime time to be your most-extra self. You are confident, comfortable, and the center of attention. You are ruled by the sun, the planet of creativity. Find a new creative yet social outlet and be your inspiring, sunny self.


It’s almost birthday time, and you will thrive in the critical energy coming later this month. The stars are creating chaos, and chaos is not your thing. Stay in routines and give your brain a pass in the coming weeks. The energy is tumultuous and might have your head in knots. 

There are unexpected hurdles ahead of you, and how you deal with them defines how this month goes for you. Stay introspective and trust your instincts. Don’t lash out if you lose a shift— keeping your composure will help you through this time.


Many placements in Leo and Libra make this month a dream for connective cuties like y’all. Mars enters Libra bringing more social energy for partners and friends. This season brings balance to your favorite elements.

Work might be rough at the top of the month— we recommend only taking on what you feel comfortable with. Don’t rush into any commitments at work or otherwise. If you’re offered a new gig or promotion, make sure you take time to think it through before responding.


The energy this month is as chaotic as you. Leo season with Libra placements brings social and romantic offerings to your altar. Your ability to deeply bond with others will thrive in this atmosphere. 

Things will be slower than anticipated romantically and financially, so ration your blessings accordingly. You might take risks out of restlessness… make sure to consider every facet of your decisions. Work extra hard to communicate effectively to preserve your current relationships. It will be extra easy to accidentally piss off the manager in the coming weeks.


This month you may end up acting as a peacekeeper, as someone who understands what page everyone is on. Conflicting energies are producing wonky vibes. It’s a season of big changes that are scheduled to slow down by September. The planet of luck rules you, so be flexible and stay positive! Financially, you’ll be raking in the tips.

Later this month, the first quarter moon in Sagittarius encourages you to go big! Once you get through the first half of the month, the second is smoooooooth sailing on all fronts. Maybe try sailing.


The beginning of the month starts with some ineffectiveness at work and at home. It’s a season of restlessness. You may struggle to be your productive self this month, but Virgo season will be upon us soon enough! You’ll be impatient anyway but try to wait out the struggles and create your own structure where you can. 

A new focus can untangle your energy. Satisfy the Leo gods and take back control with a new creative hobby (picking up shifts is not a hobby.) Late in the month, some Virgo/Capricorn placements give you the security to problem-solve and make plans.


You’re in for a hectic month full of stress, fun–and stressful fun. Combined placements in Leo and Aquarius are increasing your social tendencies this month. Work will be rough… both work relationships and financial planning are not your forte ATM. Cash is going to be tighter than you had hoped, but try not to freak. 

The Moon in Aquarius, Squaring Jupiter in Taurus late in the month calls for relaxation and indulgence. Take a load off. Try meditation and breathing exercises for any tension-induced insomnia.


Your emotional awareness and energetically blessed presence calm others during this hectic season. You are playing the role of peacekeeper between FOH and BOH or similar dichotomies. It’s not all bad, though. The moon in Pisces and the sun in Leo combine for the ultimate time to create and be imaginative. 

Stay sporty to fight off insomnia. Keep your impulsivity in check— Leo season is taking no prisoners. Moon in Cancer Trine Saturn in Pisces is a season of discipline. Exercising control is not your forte, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Live and let live is your mantra this month. Your favorite people will clash with you, but all will be well when the dust settles.


It’s a good month for your unique skills to shine, Aries! Thriving in Leo season is easy being in the house of self, vitality, identity, appearance, and self-worth. Strengthen your bonds with friends, problem-solve people’s heightened confusion, and use your Mars-given drive to push tip-pooled coworkers to perfect their sales pitches. Other people won’t feel as comfy during this time, and your steady presence will help ease them through. Feeling tender? Stay firm in your interactions or experience some social snags.

The moon in Aries Trine Sun in Leo brings you financial self-sufficiency and contentedness. Stick to your current roles and stand firm while the waves of change crash over you. 


August finds you in your element. The energy this month is lavish and languid, just like you. It’ll feel like treading water if you have a lot to accomplish this month. It may be best to stick to what you know and relax where you can. You might experience a loss, but you’re in the house of personal resources and will figure out how to compensate.

The last quarter moon in Taurus on the eighth directs a focus on Marie Kondo-ing your life. You probably don’t need that denim server apron from that job you quit four years ago. Take your time, but stick to well-thought-out decisions.


You are no stranger to conflicting energy and ideas, so you are uniquely fit to handle the upcoming challenges. August is going to feel like that table that wants privacy and then gets annoyed that you haven’t taken their order. 

You’re feeling popular this month— utilize your star-given skills of communication to maintain your tightest bonds. Work and romantic opportunities will bite your line, but it’s your choice to reel them in or not. Next week, the moon in Gemini fills you with creativity and confidence. Make sure to keep track of your fleeting thoughts and ideas so you can make them a reality!


Your relationships are undergoing rapid change. Indulge others with your ingratiating sense of humor. Excite and maintain your relationships so they don’t hit a sad slump. 

If you’re wanting to walk out, finish your shift at least. Think everything through patiently before making rash decisions, but trust your gut. Is it time for a new job? A new boo? The Moon in Cancer Trine Saturn in Pisces on the 12th is a great time to take actionable steps toward your goals. In the meantime, flourish in the warm vibes of summer. Get outside while you can!



About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.

About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.