September 5

Fall Equinox Horoscope for Restaurant Workers


September 2023 Horoscope

Mercury is in the microwave, and it’s too hot for that shit. Luckily, the days are shortening, and the weather is slowly cooling. 

After what can be a difficult super blue Pisces moon, the fall equinox is an excellent time to spend your days with a good mix of well-intentioned goal-setting mixed with a bit of spontaneity. After a day with guests expressing how great it is for everyone to get a day off while you are literally working for them…on Labor Day, you deserve to chill out with a guilty pleasure. Here’s your September horoscope, industry sweeties.


You are probably freaking out about the predictability that colder weather brings our way. September transits encourage you to pay attention to details, and you’re feeling robust momentum. Be specific and careful when communicating with coworkers and partners. Your ability to roll with the punches will help you get through this thankless holiday and Mercury retrograde with effortless grace.


The fall equinox is usually a welcomed renewal for you, balance-seeker. For the next few weeks, your brain will digest the summer—yum, yum, yum. It’s an excellent time to pull back, prioritize reflection time, and quietly embody intention and purpose. Try to be more present— breathe and sleep more— but don’t necessarily be less active. While everyone is focused on consuming the last drops of summer, focus on your own needs. Let yourself be served for a change.


You have probably felt worn out by the summer socials, witchy Scorpio. It’s almost time to prepare all the pumpkin spice lattes and enjoy them in secret. September transits lead you to focus inward and on closer relationships. Don’t let the challenges you encounter keep you from staying focused on your goals. Make peace where you don’t have control, and turn to your community for the rest. Find your cheerleaders and reconnect so they can encourage the growth you seek. 


This month you want to lean on your natural talents like optimism, play, and creativity. You could fall behind on your progress toward your goals thanks to that asshole, retrograde. The roadblocks are valuable to you—telling you where to re-evaluate and rework. Look at all struggles as opportunities and learn as you go. This is where we service industry folks shine.


It is back-to-school season, and you are in your element! Whether at work, school, or both— this season feels industrious and rejuvenating, like you. The coming weeks put your convictions to the test. Try journaling about how some strongly held beliefs may be holding you back. The equinox is an optimistic period for you, Caps, so opening your mind to good change is important. Maybe take a vacation.


The equinox is a great time to reframe your perspective and switch to a more diligent yet curious state of being. When you find yourself feeling reactive, use it as an opportunity to explore where that comes from. Where in your past are you taken? Be introspective about all sorts of relationships, and know that it’s normal if your GM is giving you flashbacks to a toxic ex.


Retrograde has you wanting all the treats all the time, but is it still a treat if you have it all the time? Try to will some self-discipline as a lesson to yourself. Disagreements at work allow you to improve your communication skills—start offering more clarity, precision, and rationality to your coworkers and GM. Try not to communicate emotionally across the line. This fall equinox will help you be a better you, but stay kind to yourself in the process (with treats? Jk, no treats!).


Your creativity and social life are flourishing again, and work is keeping you busy. This is retrograde’s gift to you—but where she giveth she taketh away. Certain tasks will feel like you’re in the weeds and can’t get yourself out. All barriers exist to teach you something. Set work/play goals for yourself and pay attention to your life cheerleaders who want to help you achieve your goals.


This summer, you may have gone wild with your lack of restraint—whether with food, isolation, spending, or exercise. Moderation is important even when it comes to healthy practices. Start to reconnect with your favorite things in a nontoxic way this month. Set boundaries for yourself and others and protect your well-being at all costs. Don’t pick up every single shift that is available, and also don’t give every single one away. 


Whereas Mercury’s retrograde wants to take others out of their comfort zone, it invites you to observe your emotions with detachment. The summer season had you focused on making adjustments, and you are about to observe the benefits of that work. You aren’t always on the line—the hustle doesn’t need to apply to your daily life. Be patient with yourself and allow yourself to move forward slowly. Try to remember to enjoy the process and not to fixate on results. 


Fall equinox is a great time to be intentional in work and relationships. Try to be truly present in everything you do to avoid Mercury retrograde’s wrath. The theme of your summer has been to manage your resources better, both emotionally and financially. The delicate practice of avoiding overextending yourself and that sort of thing. Continue to search for the line between responsibility and martyrdom. AKA—Julie can work her own Friday shift for once and you are not her parent, even though it feels like it.


Over the last period of self-reflection, your feelings could go either direction. Sometimes being focused on the self can be unpleasant and disappointing, but it is always an opportunity for growth. Leave behind what isn’t serving you. Behind the bar, we choose the most efficient practices, not the ones we’ve always done. The ending of Venus’ retrograde lights a fire under you. If you’ve felt a lack of energy over the summer, September gives you a second chance. September is the perfect time to prove to yourself all the magic that you’re capable of.



About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.

About the author

Olivia Breting is a Pisces who has spent most of her life working in the service industry. In her spare time, she likes sketching, fiddling with clay, cuddling her cat, watching/quoting The Office, riding her bike, planning events, being chaotic, and oversharing on social media.