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What is the Poached Job Boost?


A guide on the Poached Job Boost, when best to use it, and why it’s more time-efficient and cost-effective! 

You know you’ve seen it—maybe you’ve used it—MAYBE you’ve wanted to use it but weren’t sure what it actually does? Well, that’s what this article is all about! 

We’re going down a Job Boost rabbit hole and sharing the ins and outs of what it is, what it does, and when to use it!  

The Poached Job Boost

The Job Boost is an add-on feature to the Poached Job Posts. It’s an optional tool for employers who want to add a little something extra to their job posts. 

Here, we’ll attempt to answer some common questions so you can get a complete view of the feature. 

What Does the Job Boost Do?

Much like it sounds, the Job Boost boosts your job to the top of the Poached jobs board, giving it renewed visibility if it’s a few days old, and adds a promotional budget within our partner network of other job sites. 

Think of it like a supercharge for your job post. Boosting allows us to promote your job more heavily and get more eyes on your post to increase those resumes—sometimes up to 67%. 

When Should I Use the Boost, and Why? 

The best time to boost your jobs depends on your goals!

You can add a Job Boost when creating your job post, which is an excellent option for people who need to hire quickly. Boosting on day one will allow a competitive promotional budget immediately. 

Of course, if you boost right away, your job is already at the top of the Poached page since it’s new, so you won’t necessarily benefit from that boost feature.  

A boosted job gets pushed to the top of the Poached job board, while being promoted on the partner network.

Another strategy is to wait and receive applications organically for the first few days while your job is at the top of Poached. 

As your job ages and moves lower down the job board, you can add a boost to get it back to the top of Poached, renewing its visibility to our network. You’ll also benefit from the additional promotional budget within the partner network.

With this last strategy, you’ll get the most out of the Job Boost feature, but it is a slower process and ideal for someone with ample time in their hiring process. 

What Is the Multi-Boost?

Since the Job Boost’s main feature is adding a promotional budget within our partner network, you can boost a job more than once to add a more aggressive bid and reach a wider audience of potential applicants. 

You can purchase as many boosts as you want by entering the quantity you’d like or using the quantity selector on the right side of the field. The total will be reflected at checkout.  

Can I Buy Multiple Boosts To Use on Different Job Posts?

Currently, this is not an option. You can only purchase a boost at checkout for a specific job. So, if you add more than one boost to your order, they are applied to that single job. 

As mentioned above, when you purchase multiple boosts for a single job, you add more budget to promote that job more frequently within our partner network. 

If you want to boost more than one job, you’ll have to do it one at a time from the specific job card in your dashboard. 

Alternatively, you can add boosts before checking out and publishing a job to start your job off with a bang. 

The Partner Network

So far in this post, we’ve used the term Partner Network quite a bit to describe a major aspect of the Job Boost. To provide a better understanding of the product, we’re breaking down what exactly that elusive Partner Network entails.

A Boosted Job gets promoted across the Poached Partner Network

What Is the Partner Network?

We partner with other job boards to promote boosted jobs to ensure all our jobs receive maximum exposure. 

Our partner network fluctuates. That said, our main partners include:

  • Monster
  • Jobs2Careers
  • Indeed 

How Does The Partner Network Work?

We look into things like where your job is posted, what role you’re hiring for, and how many times you boosted to optimize where and when your post is promoted. 

So, as it sounds, your job will move around to ensure it’s getting prime visibility based on your specific job. 

When applicants see your job on a partner site, they are directed to Poached and will apply through our platform—so all your applications will come through your Poached Dashboard.

Why Wouldn’t I Just Post on the Site You Partner With?

There are three main reasons boosting is more effective than posting to multiple sites individually. 

  1. It’s more cost-effective.
    Posting individual jobs across multiple sites is EXPENSIVE! Some sites say they’re free, like Indeed, but you still pay an arm and leg since they charge per application. A boost is only $25 and we promote your job to all those sites anyway.
  2. It’s more time-efficient.
    Again, posting across multiple sites takes a lot of time and effort, and then you must collect applications for a single job across various platforms. With the boost, you only have to post a job once and gather all your applications in a single place. 
  3. You’ll get better results.
    With the Job Boost, we strategically place your job based on the massive amounts of data we collect when promoting other jobs like yours to get you the most qualified applicants across our entire network. 

We’re always looking into ways to make hiring more efficient and a better experience for the hospitality industry so that you can meet the best people for the job and get back to business. 

If you have more questions about the boost or want help figuring out the best strategy for you—reach out to us at support@poachedjobs.com.

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