March 14

National Hospitality Recruitment Is Easier With Poached


How To Expand Your Reach and Optimize Your National Hospitality Recruitment Efforts for Seasonal or Niche Jobs

There are countless reasons someone recruiting in the hospitality industry would want to promote their roles beyond a single market. 

Maybe you’re a lodge, resort, or restaurant in a destination spot with a small local candidate pool or looking to fill a specialized role like a pastry chef, executive chef, or pit master. 

Whatever the reason—expanding your net for folks interested in relocating for work, whether permanently or seasonally, is not out of the ordinary. 

Unfortunately, as common as recruiting in multiple markets might be, most employment sites don’t accommodate the need. Instead, they require you to post numerous jobs across various markets or specify individual markets you’re interested in, which is an administrative and financial burden.

Luckily—we got your back here at Poached with our National Job post. Having launched this new add-on to our regular job post over a year ago, we can officially say it’s valued within the “recruiters who want to recruit nationally” committee. 

Benefits of Using the Poached for National Recruitment

  1. One Post, One Price—Nationwide Visibility 
    What more is there to say? Gone are the days of spending extra time and money figuring out what markets to recruit from and having to post individual jobs in each area. 

    With the Poached National Post, you can expand your reach nationally from a single job post and purchase, making your hiring process much more manageable. 

    On sites that only support a local approach, you must purchase multiple job posts or pay per applicant (cough, Indeed) to expand your reach. Both options add up quickly, and you end up spending more money to get the desired results and only gaining a bigger administrative headache when organizing the applicants. 

    Our National Post upgrade keeps things straightforward, so you can save money and hire more efficiently. 
  2. Reach A More Targeted Applicant Pool 
    Whether you’re recruiting locally or nationally, Poached gives you a more targeted applicant pool because we’re 100% focused on the restaurant and hospitality industry. Anyone looking for jobs on Poached is specifically seeking work in those fields. 

    That said, with the National Post, we go even further and identify your job as a “destination” job—so people who are looking for jobs in the hospitality industry, specifically seasonal or full-time jobs in destination locations, can easily find your jobs.

    You’re more likely to connect with candidates who are seriously interested and have the experience you’re looking for when using Poached than other job sites. 

    Since launching the National Post-add-on, we’ve watched the behavior of applicants on our site. We notice that most workers in the industry are willing to move for the right opportunities in areas where they can see themselves living. 

    In fact, our national post jobs receive an average of 50 targeted resumes from experienced and qualified candidates.  
  3. Simplify the Applicant Tracking Process
    Instead of collecting your resumes across multiple job posts in different markets, with the National Post, all your applications will arrive in your dashboard and are organized under that specific posting. So you can keep your resume review and outreach efforts all in one place. 

    Additionally, when you see a promising resume, you can send that candidate a message directly from the Poached dashboard without giving away your work email or phone number. Then, quickly set up an interview with our Interview Scheduling tool. 
  4. Better 3rd party ATS connectivity
    Of course, we can easily accommodate third-party applicant tracking software like BambooHR, Fourth, or another brand. 

    Simply enter your ATS under the applicant management section when posting your job. Applicants who click to apply on Poached will be sent to finish their application on that platform. 

    We even follow up with all potential applicants through Poached, encouraging them to complete their application on your ATS if they haven’t already done so. 

    If you want to see if any applicants fell out of the journey from Poached to your ATS, you can view all potential applicants in your Poached Dashboard. We even let you download that list as a CSV so you can follow up however you please! 
  5. A Customer Success Team that Cares 
    We are here to help hospitality and restaurant businesses hire better and make this industry a thriving one for everyone. That said, we want to ensure you get the most out of your purchases on Poached, and we’re always here to help if you need more applications. 

    Our concierge service reviews registered workers in our database who fit the skills and requirements you’re looking for and sends them personal messages to encourage them to apply for your job. We also have other marketing opportunities available for purchase to increase traffic to your jobs, which pair nicely with the National Post.

If you’re still curious about the National Post, check out our case study with one of the largest concessions management companies in the United States. They turned to Poached to help their hiring teams and paired the National Post with our marketing packages. 

Our team is happy to schedule a call to listen to your hiring needs and direct you in the right direction! Feel free to email Jessica Gagnier, our national account executive, at

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Ashley McNally likes to cook, loves to bake, and is always dreaming of her next meal. With over 13 years of experience working in various roles within a restaurant — McNally has made a home in hospitality.


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