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Discover your Restaurant Work Dream Interpretations

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We’ve all been there…working a clopen only to dream about work the whole night in between, adding up to what feels like a 24 hour shift. Well, now with our dream interpretation guide you can put those work dreams to work for you!

Our dreams carry symbols that serve to enlighten us on our past, present and future. The symbols are a lock to our inner secrets and hidden emotions, just waiting to be unlatched by the key of dream interpretation—opening the door of total subconscious understanding.

Each symbol serves as a representation of something significantly deeper, uniquely significant and deeply unique to the dreamer. Pulling from our team’s personal experience with nightly restaurant work dreams, we put together a dream interpretation guide so you can uncover the true meaning behind every symbol.

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Being Naked:

In this dream scenario, you’re at work, killin’ it as usual. Then, all of a sudden you step out from behind the server station or the line and to your surprise and everyone else’s, you are buck nakey (or partially; they translate the same). The naked dream interpretation is that while in the dream you might be embarrassed and timorous, in reality you are on the verge of decoding the code of codes. In other words, you are about to embark on a journey that will lead you to full self-acceptance and living the life you’ve always known (deep down) you could.


In the Weeds:

In this dream you experience never ending mobs of hangry 15 tops (with kids) flooding into your place of work and for some ungodly reason there’s an impractical amount of tables that keep appearing so that you can actually seat all these people in your section and there’s no host stopping them. The “In the Weeds” dream interpretation usually means you’ve concluded that someone you work with is actually a changeling. You’ve recently noticed (and fixated on) what you perceive as a “changed” personality trait. But, you have no real proof and are getting kinda obsessive. So the answer is no, you shouldn’t accuse them publicly… or privately for that matter. Just let it go.


Language Barrier:

In this dream, you’re at a table ready to take orders, but your customers are speaking in a language you don’t understand. Unable to communicate, you scoot in closer to see what they might be looking at on the menu only to realize the menu is also incomprehensible. So, you decide it’s time to get a coworker to help, but all of a sudden all your coworkers are speaking in a language you don’t understand. This dream interpretation is that you have found yourself in a routine. You need to branch out, shake things up and try something new—maybe study a new language.


Missing Item:

A dream where you are about to prep some vegetables for the evening shift, but you cannot for the life of you find your knife. And then, miraculously it’s already the evening shift and everyone is getting slammed and yelling and you still cannot find that POS knife or any knife for that matter. This type of dream symbolizes a midnight craving for hummus. See, you’re frustrated because you need a vehicle for that amazing garbanzo bean dip, right? And the most logical thing is to cut up some carrots. But, the craving is messing with your head (because you’re asleep) so it throws you into this crazy ass work dream where you can’t find the tool to prep the carrots that would’ve guided the hummus into your face.


This is only a small collection of restaurant work dreams that have been waiting to be decoded. And through my dream interpretation, I truly hope that I have worked as a brilliant light in an obscure fog, guiding those of you who were curious, but could not yet see the end of the tunnel. If I did not interpret a common dream for you and you would like to see what secrets are hiding within the symbols—please share.

Ashley McNally

Ashley McNally likes to cook, loves to bake, and is always dreaming of her next meal. With over 13 years of experience working in various roles within a restaurant — McNally has made a home in hospitality.

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